Simone Tang – “Shame”.

Hi people! 🙂 

   Let’s listen to some Scandipop today. But, for a change, it will be neither Swedish, nor Norwegian, but Danish. I rarely share any Danish music on here, which is simply because I don’t really listen to it all that regularly. Whenever I do, I think I should start doing it more often and go down the rabbit hole a little bit, because I do have really good experiences when I do it ,but somehow it has never become a regular thing. 😀 Anyways, this is a singer that I’ve recently heard about, and because she cites Emilie Nicolas as one of her favourite artists and influences, I thought I had to give her music a listen, because I really love Emilie Nicolas and I was very curious if I’ll end up feeling similarly strongly about Simone Tang as well. And, well, while of course she’s definitely doing her own thing, the influence can be heard quite clearly imo. I really like this song of hers, this was her debut single. 

2 thoughts on “Simone Tang – “Shame”.”

  1. Red One, the music producer, moved from North Africa to Sweden to further master his art of synthesizer remixes. He did this because Sweden had the best reputation. Without exaggeration, he considered it as a superpower of music, and that was because of all the talent located in that frosty landscape.

    — Catxman

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    1. I totally agree with his opinion! There are many nations that are very highly musically talented but I believe where stuff like pop and/or all kinds of electronic music making, and especially production, is concerned, Sweden is the best, and also at making songs that go in line with what the mainstream expects, yet at the same time that are a bit different and appealing in their own, unique way. But I think Norway’s a very close second, and while like I said I’m not hugely knowledgeable in Danish music at all, from what I have heard it sounds very good too.


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