Silja Sol – “Stemning” (Mood).

Hey people! 🙂

Today I’d like to share with you another song in nynorsk this month, this time from a young pop singer from Bergen called Silja Sol Dyngeland, or simply Silja Sol which is her stage name currently. Silja grew up in a musical family and thus was surrounded by music from the start and learned to play various instruments from an early age, and then as a teenager she also started writing her own lyrics. I read that when the singer AURORA was looking for members of her accompanying band, Silja was asked if she could suggest someone who could play the keyboard, and she offered that she could join in, which I think was quite a brave and self-confident decision given that, of all the instruments she’d learned to play, she didn’t know how to play the keyboard, though she did play the piano already. Apart from that, Silja also does backing vocals for AURORA.

Like I said, this song is in nynorsk, but, unfortunately, unlike with the last song in nynorsk that I shared on here, by Sigrid Moldestad, for this one I wasn’t really able to make a translation at all. I can’t seem to make sense of too many words in here and, as a result, I’m not sure I fully get it as a whole. But I just think this song is really nice even without understanding the entire lyrics.

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