Sild – “Annwyl Karjane” (Dear Shepherd).

Hey people! 🙂

If I asked you to name one thing that Wales and Estonia have in common (aside from the obvious stuff like that they’re both European countries) how many things would you be able to come up with? For me, Sild is the only thing I can think of right away. Sild is a music duo which combines music from both these countries. Its members are multi-instrumentalists and singers Martin Leamon from Gower in Wales who plays guitar and bouzouki, and Sille Ilves from Estonia who plays fiddle, as well as the very intriguing talharpa (a four-stringed bowed lyre, which has arrived to Estonia through Sweden and seems to be particularly popular with Estonian Swedes) and I believe some other instruments too. I really like how these two cultures blend so well and interestingly together in their music and I like how the titles of their tunes are often a mix of the two languages. That’s also the case with this one. Annwyl means dear in Welsh, and karjane means shepherd in Estonian. This creativity with which they combine the influences from both countries’ folk music makes their name feel very adequate, as sild means bridge in Estonian.

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