Question of the day.

What’s the coolest thing you own?

My answer:

Well, I own a lot of things that I guess people could consider cool either because they’re beautiful, or interesting, or even because it’s something they’ve never seen before like some of my gem stones or the more niche tech equipment for example, , but for me personally, it’s Misha who’s the coolest. Misha’s not really a thing, is he, but I do own him, officially anyway, as weird as that sounds, so I think he counts and I don’t own anything that would be cooler than Misha.

How about you? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I own way too many cool things because I’m spoiled rotten. I have a piano, a valuable table saw, a huge collection of Tarot cards, a lot of really cool decor (including the pillow cover and the glass fish you gave me! Thanks so much!), an aromatherapy kit (which you also got me into, yay!), a retro landline telephone, a blue file cabinet (it was metal, but I tripped it out with shelf paper and blue knobs), a rainbow television cabinet (it was mustard yellow, but I unassembled it and painted each board a different rainbow color before putting it back together), a really cool old-timey yellow train lantern with four red circles going around it (it was my mom’s late husband’s, and I expressed an interest and inherited them–well, I have two, but one is rightfully my stepsister’s should she ever come to claim it), a huge magnet board I made with loads of magnets, my MEK initial pillows, three bookshelves up here that I made that have wallpaper backing and matching painted shelves, my daybed with the greatest mattress I’ve ever owned (firm foam), a really cool pillow with rainbows and umbrellas and clouds on it, my vintage Care Bears collection that was given to me over time as a kid (I “borrowed” the brown one, Tenderheart Bear, from my brother and he never asked for him back, so he sits at the end of the rainbow), two rainbow-colored side tables I made where the tops have rainbow-ordered beams of wood going across, rainbow curtains that Granny Smith made me before she died, an old-school adding machine that was my dad’s–I found it in the basement, cleaned it with q-tips and baby wipes, and brought it up here to display it–totally awesome, a moon clock from LL Bean, an entire wardrobe from LL Bean (particularly of cold-weather clothes, not springtime or summer clothes), oh! A round concave mirror that’s like what you’d see on a ship–like it distorts outward, and wow, you really got me going! I think I take great pleasure in beautifying (and rainbowfying) my environment and collecting special items. I’ve gathered all these special things over time. Like, I have some artwork of a gorgeous waterfall on a tropical island, and I got it with my Christmas money in 1997. I never consciously realized until recently that I love collecting special things, but apparently I do!! Fun question!! Wow!

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    1. Whoa, that is loads and loads of cool things! 🙂 It’s so good to be able to have many cool things around you, and when you have some emotional connection to them or some memories! I also love beautifying my space, hence all the stone and glass figurines that I have and I like sophisticated-looking things. I also have a collection of cat figurines from all sorts of materials that I really like and even a cat painting that apparently looks a lot like Misha. Never mind that I can see it, I got it from my Mum and everyone says it’s beautiful. I also love having things around me that remind me of or that I associate with people I like. 🙂 Collecting things is fun. 🙂

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