Question of the day.

You are tasked with pissing off your entire neighbourhood. What do you do?

My answer:

We generally have pretty good relationships with all of our close neighbours, we’re not very close with any of them but they’re nice people, so I don’t have any reason nor would I want to piss them off, but if I really had to, I have several ideas so I could use all of them or just one, depending how badly I would need to piss them. The first and most obvious thing that comes to my brain is a classic – listen to music at full volume with as much bass as possible. – This way I could also take revenge on our neighbour who pisses us off with his music every summer, when he works in his backyard, listening to the radio, which is not too loud for him because it’s in a distance from where he is, but he puts it in such place that it naturally makes the lows sound really deep and the sound comes out as if from a box or something, and you can constantly hear a rumbling, vibrating beat as if there was a huge party going on or from my room it often sounds more as if some engine was running out there constantly, even though it’s not like he listens to something that’s full of beats in itself, that’s just what it sounds like from our house even when it’s ads on the radio. 😀 He works like that all day long and it is particularly audible (or should I say perceptible because it’s more like you feel all this beat rather than hear it) in the kitchen, which is where my Mum feels best and is most of the time even when not cooking or anything, and sometimes it makes her go seriously crazy and she says she feels like she’s vibrating inside from it. My Dad asked him very politely a couple times and explained that it sounds really shitty from here and he is always understanding and apologetic until the next summer, so every time it’s more embarrassing for my Dad to remind him to turn it down a bit or get it out of wherever he keeps that radio. So yeah, I’m not really a vengeful person or not in such pety situations anyway, and I am pretty sure he doesn’t do it because he’s mean and wants to piss us off but simply has such a habit, but if I had to piss people off anyway, I think making him feel the way we do would make it easier for him to change the habit.

Then I’d do something with the Internet, cut the Internet cables or turn off the whole electric for the entire neighbourhood, but first I’d have to get more cell data on my phone so I myself could survive. 😀 That sounds like quite a lot of hassle though and I don’t know how pissed I’d have to be at someone to go to such lengths.

I could get our Jocky involved. Give him some laxatives and take him for a walk round the area so that he could freely defecate in front of poor people’s houses. That could be a revenge on my Dad’s behalf as we also get a lot of random people’s dogs’ poop in front of our house and it really pisses him.

You? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Cutting the internet cables! HA HA HA HA! That’s hilarious. 😀 “I saw her do it, officer. She was lurking around the phone tower with some scissors and a mischievous gleam in her eye.” 😀 And you’d give the dog some laxatives before walking him?! Oh no! Too funny.

    Well, your question reminded me of the time that my neighbors used the local tavern’s billboard to put up a sign about me: “If you’re an angry person, please stay off the internet!” That was… definitely one of the highlights of my life. So I’ve already pissed off my entire neighborhood! If I had to piss off the neighborhood yet again, I’d… hmm… so many beautiful options to choose from! 😀 Okay, I’ve got it. There’s a new yoga place around the corner where the hardware store used to be. They have a sign on the front door that says something like, “Please be mindful of the energy you bring into our business.” You don’t know how often I’ve wanted to slap a post-it on their door that says, “Hey! Bad moods happen. Deal with it already!” H AH AH AHA HA! I might do it yet! Don’t put it past me!

    Fun question!

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