Question of the day.

What is one little thing you can always count on to make you happy when you’re feeling down?

My answer:

Well, my answer to questions like this is always the same and very simple – Misha! – I’m SO glad I have Misha in my life and the longer he is in my life, the more difficult and eerie it is for me to imagine how I could have ever lived without Misha and not feel like something was missing. Well, perhaps I did feel it but just didn’t know it was Misha that was missing. Misha is a real help. He won’t always make me happy as such, and this also depends on how deep down exactly I am, but he’ll always make me at least a bit happier and that’s always appreciated.

What is it for you? πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Awwww, Misha!! Love for the kitties in our lives!! ❀

    Hmm…. yeah, I'd say the same. Both LuLu the pup and Mr. Kitty the kitty are very good friends. If I'm having a total meltdown, they crowd around me and offer support!! Such good animals!!

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      1. Yeah!! My sweet LuLu wakes me up every day with hugs and kisses!! And she sleeps curled up next to me! Such a sweet loving therapy doggie!! ❀ I'm so glad we have special animals!! YAY!

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