Question of the day.

What is your least favourite board game?

My answer:

I don’t think I have one, because I dislike most board games equally much. In our family there are people who either really like playing board games, or find it extremely boring. Both my siblings love board games, my Dad also enjoys playing them sometimes like on holidays when we’re spending time together or something. My Mum really doesn’t like it and says board games make her want to sleep, and it’s very similar with me. It’s just not particularly exciting really. My extended family also seems to be divided into these two camps. My Mum knows how much Sofi enjoys board games though, and she likes it far more when Sofi plays them rather than sits on her phone, so she’ll often play them anyway just to occupy Sofi and make her happy. I used to play along with my family as a young child but now it’s been ages since I last played a board game. The only board game that I’ve played quite a lot and actually really like is Scrabble, since it’s a word game. I got Scrabble adapted for the blind from a friend, which sighted people can also play just like normal, and she also taught me how to play it and we’d play it a lot when she visited me at the boarding school and I like that. Then I took it home with me and played it a lot particularly with my grandad and Olek, but ever since we’ve moved houses it must have got lost somewhere because I haven’t been able to find it which is a real pity.

How about you? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I love Scrabble too, and I’m always playing Words With Friends on FB!

    Hmm…. my least favorite board game? Oh. The answer just came to me! 😀 Definitely chess. I don’t have a brain for it at all! It’s pure strategy! However, if you think about the difference between games that are pure strategy versus games that have some luck involved, it’s weird. Like, I love Backgammon, and it has the luck of the dice rolls. But then getting back to pure strategy, I’m actually a master of Connect-4. No one can beat me at it, and it’s pure strategy. HA HA! It’s just a simple children’s game, though! But hey, I rock the Connect-4!! 😀

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    1. Oh yeah, chess is extremely boring to me and I don’t get it. Strategy games generally tend to be rather unappealing to me though I haven’t played a lot of them. Sofi really likes chess though, so that’s at least one thing you and her do not have in common. 😀

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      1. Wow, she must be a brains!! 😀 That’s great!! My brother was in the chess club in high school and was pretty good himself!! I’m all like, “Is this piece called a horse?” 😀 Go Sofi, go!!

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    2. Hahah I don’t really know if she is good at it as I’m not able to judge, but it’s a bit surprising given that she generally tends to struggle with things like math and the like. But even if she’s not extremely good at it, I think it counts most that she simply likes it.

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      1. That;s really true in many cases. Some games, like some roleplaying games, seem innately bad-natured in themselves, like Vampire the Masquerade wgere you must be a vampire and do bad things to survive. I don’t like to do bad things even in games or in pretend.

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