Question of the day.

I have to…

My answer:

…Well, nothing surprising here as for me. The thing that I have to do in the most immediate future, soon after I write this post, is my Welsh learning, which I’m going to do for about half an hour because today it’s mostly just going to be repetition. You could say that it doesn’t necessarily count as something I “have to” do, and more like something I just want, but in this particular case I think it’s both because when I love a language I just hardly have a choice, so I guess we can use these words interchangeably. 😀

You? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Rock that Welsh! Go you!!

    I have to take more groceries over to my mom’s house today, but when I saw her yesterday (and didn’t get some groceries she wanted, apparently), she made me feel better. Apparently my mom’s a lot easier to handle when I don’t have to TAKE her someplace. That triggers all my self-consciousness issues and then some. Blessedly, I’m not taking her anyplace today, either, so it might go well again. YAY!

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