A quick announcement about My Inner Mishmash Readership Award.

I’m just writing this very quick post to let you all know that, after a lot of thinking, and now also discussing it with my Mum, I decided that I won’t be sending out My Inner Mishmash Readership Award packages this year. My Mum helps me a lot with the whole process of preparing and organising MIMRAs, coming up with ideas for their contents, finding them, and in particular with sending them out, but because this year has been quite difficult for her health-wise due to yucky menopause and now also her episodic asthma flaring up, I feel it isn’t fair to pressure her with MIMRA on top of that, though I was really looking forward to this as I was in the two previous years and it feels sad that this year will be without MIMRAs, as I find making them very exciting even if there’s a fair bit of pressure involved and a lot of things to do. Unfortunately I am not able to do all about MIMRAs without my Mum’s help, and have no one else who could help me with this here , so this is how I feel it has to be at the moment. Hopefully MIMRAs will be back next year. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A quick announcement about My Inner Mishmash Readership Award.”

  1. I really hope your Mom feels better soon. Having been a past winner too, I can totally understand how much time and energy (and money) went into the whole thing. Don’t feel pressured at all to pick it up next year again. As much as I loved the package and I’m sure others would, I’m sure all of your regular readers will keep coming back regardless.

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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Yes, I know they will, but I think it’s a nice way of appreciating the reader. As I said when I first came up with MIMRA, there are all the blogger awards, but readers deserve some appreciation too. 🙂

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