Ivy Ravenwood – “Dawn”.

And for today, even though it’s evening here, I have a beautiful piece titled “Dawn” for you, but I think it feels just as relaxing in the evening or at night. I know nothing about Ivy Ravenwood, except that she’s a harpist and releases a lot of very different music, and is clearly in the good books of streaming services and especially Spotify, who put her on all their harp playlists. 😀 As she says herself, she plays anything from pop covers to relaxing music to wedding music to music for babies etc. etc. I also know that this piece has been composed by someone called Timothy Hugh O’Neill.

I’m not a big fan of harp interpretations of pop music or any music that originally had vocals and then you’re trying to do the vocal line on the harp (ugh, there’s something so shallow about it) so I definitely don’t like every single song in her discography, but this piece is lovely.

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