Song of the day (10th November) – Alaw ft. Georgia Ruth – “Y G’lomen”.

Hey hi people! 🙂

Sorry for my total absence for a few days, I’ve been sick lately and wasn’t able to get out of bed or think coherently really.

This absolutely beautiful Welsh traditional song is sung by already well-known on this blog singer songwriter Georgia Ruth, and accompanied by the band Alaw, it comes from Alaw’s 2017 album Dead Man’s Dance, where we can also hear one of my faza people – Gwilym Bowen Rhys – singing in two songs. The band’s name means melody, and it consists of Nia Lynn, Dylan Fowler and Oli Wilson Dickson.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what g’lomen is. It doesn’t really look like a Welsh word to me, not a contemporary Welsh word anyway, I’ve never come across Welsh words starting with G followed by an apostrophe. And my understanding of the lyrics is too patchy to make it out. Apparently glomen without the apostrophe means glowing in Middle English, so maybe it’s something to do with that? Or maybe it’s something like gloaming. These are just my loose theories, none of whhich is probably true, but actually, this song’s vibe could easily make one think of gloaming.

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