Question of the day.

What’s the worst ice cream flavour you have ever tasted?

My answer:

I’m not sure if there has been one that would stand out particularly much, so I’ll write about a few that I didn’t really like. I am definitely not a fan of salted caramel ice cream. I don’t hate it, but definitely don’t like it and totally don’t get the appeal that a lot of people seem to find in it. One ice cream flavour I strongly dislike and that I had a few times as a child is yoghurt, which I guess is a little weird, because I have nothing at all against yoghurt as such. I like different kinds of yoghurts, especially with some yummy additional stuff like fruit or cereal etc. or drinkable yoghurt. But literally every kind of yoghurt-flavoured ice cream that I’ve had is just gross and I wonder why. Perhaps they don’t use actual yoghurt in it or ice cream and yoghurt don’t make a good combination.

Some years ago I also had an alcohol-flavoured ice cream for the first and only time, a whisky-flavoured one, and that was quite impressively yucky too. Not that I expected it to be otherwise, I hate most if not all sweets that are alcohol-flavoured or contain alcohol, but my Mum just went to the shops and decided it would be cool to get one for herself and one for me. She didn’t like hers either, haha, but that was back when we enjoyed drinking whisky together, hence her idea.

Last year in summer I had some peanut butter ice cream, which was a lot worse than I expected it to be. I like most things that have to do with peanut butter, including ice cream, but that particular one was surprisingly bad.

You? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. There’s an ice cream flavour called tiger that might just be a Canadian thing. It’s a mix of orange and black licorice. I don’t recall if I’ve ever actually tried it or if I’m just imagining it, but the whole idea is disgusting.

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    1. I think I’d put salted caramel in one category with licorice, that is foods that people either love or hate. 😀
      With lemon, I generally like most lemon-flavoured things, and ice cream as well, but in my experience there’s a lot of variation where lemon ice cream is concerned and some that I’ve had was really good and some pretty meh.

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