Question of the day.

What are you thinking of right this second?

My answer:

My main thought right now appears to be that we haven’t had a question of the day in a while. I’m also stressed about lots of mundane things which I probably don’t need stressing about but it feels like if I won’t, nothing will go right. I’m also thinking about Misha who is on the wardrobe, tossing a little bit right now. And that I’m feeling quite chilly for some reason so I think I’ll have a real warm bath in a while, I haven’t had one in a long time as we only use the shower most of the time. And I’m thinking about Sofi, who has started volunteering in a local stud last weekend (not the one I’ve gone to but an adjacent one, a kind of more mainstream/normal one I’d say, where there are healthy horses, or horses of private people, and mostly able-bodied kids and Sofi says they seem quite snobbish, meanwhile where I go there’s mostly traumatised, elderly, sick horses and people with all sorts of disabilities, but mostly with things like severe cerebral palsy and while some people do things like dressage or disabled riding competitions, most just do hippotherapy alone). My instructor had also offered Sofi that she could come to her stud, but for some reason Sofi doesn’t seem to like her, I guess their personalities are too strong for each other or something, and my instructor is certainly quite eccentric. Sofi goes there on weekends and she can’t ride, at least not for now, but she takes care of the horses or helps out with other things like acquainting new kids with the place and she loves it, especially the directly horses-related part, of course. She’s there nearly all day every weekend day and so far is loving it. When she was starting this, I was thinking that it would be a shame if Sofi was in a stud and I wasn’t, so I thought that perhaps I should try coming back to horse riding and maybe my anxiety around this would be more manageable now again, it also appears that my instructor’s life is a lot less hectic at the moment. Except, a few days before Sofi was to go volunteering for the first time, I got that yucky, recurring skin infection on my calf which heals for ages and can hurt like shit when it’s in full bloom, and from my previous experiences I know that it’s not the wisest thing to ride while this is going on because riding irritates it and makes it hurt more. So no riding for me still, at least for now. Part of me is relieved that I don’t have to confront this just right now, and probably for quite some time, but another part of me is like “THIS IS FLIPPIN’ UNFAIR!!! Sofi has way more horse time than me!” So I’m processing what Sofi has told me about her day at the stud, and how they were celebrating early st. Hubert’s day (which is actually November 3 and he’s something like a patron saint of equestrians and horses). This makes me also think of all the memories of my own that I have of this day across many years during which I was riding and how cool that was. Oh yeah, and some part of my brain is registering that my leg’s hurting, though it’s just in the background, at least when I’m not walking a lot. Also in the background, I’m listening to Swedish radio and trying to figure out where the guy who’s currently speaking might be from, because he has a really weird, quite intriguing accent. 😀 Doesn’t sound like foreign, but more like something Swedish that I just don’t think I’ve heard before.

You? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh my, I hope your leg gets better soon!! 😮

    What am I thinking of right now? Well, I’m a bit bored because we’re taking it easy, both because of my cold and bladder, and also because today’s a national holiday, and everyplace is closed. (I looked it up, and I think it honors the start of Czechoslovakia in 1918.) I’m thinking that I hope my dad likes the fancy Czech steampunk clock I bought him, and I hope he displays it in his office area so he can see it while he works. I’m thinking that I’m glad to be going home on Saturday, and it’s been a great vacay, and I’ve also gotten a lot of good work done on my memoir, which I’m pleased with. And I can’t even begin to describe how great it will be to see my sweet LuLu and little Mr. Kitty again!! Ohh, I love my animals!! YAY!! I’m also glad that rescheduled the flight home again (from Tuesday to Friday to Saturday) because the Friday flight would get home late, and my dad can’t drive well after dark, no matter how much he insists otherwise. Now I’ll get home before sunset on Saturday!! YAY! I hope you’re having a great day today!! ❤

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    1. Thanks, I really hope so too. 🙂
      Wow, I didn’t even know that Czechia and Slovakia had a national holiday today, and we’re neighbouring countries after all! :O
      I’m sorry you can’t make more out of these last days of your vacay due to the health issues but it’s great that you’ve had fun overall. But yeah, it’s always so nice to come back home, even after having the best time of your life. I’m sure LuLu and Mr. Kitty are missing you like crazy by now.

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