Gwilym Bowen Rhys – “Moel Rhiwen/Cam Deiniolen/Morgawr”.

Hey people! 🙂

Haven’t shared anything from Gwilym Bowen Rhys in a while. This set of three pieces comes from his amazing debut album “O Groth y Ddaear” (From the Earth’s Womb). They’re the only instrumental pieces on this album. “Moel Rhiwen” and “Cam Deiniolen” are Gwilym’s own compositions, both are dedicated to specific places in Gwynedd in North Wales where he is from. Moel Rhiwen is a summit in Snowdonia, whereas Deiniolen is a village in Gwynedd. I must admit though that I’m not really sure what Cam Deiniolen as such means, I know that cam means step in Welsh, or apparently also things like stage, or footpring, but I have no idea what it means in this specific context. Then the third piece – Morgawr – comes from the late Welsh piper and composer Simon Owen. – I’ve heard several other versions and arrangements of this tune but, probably not very surprisingly if you know me, I like Gwilym’s most. Morgawr is a creature in the Cornish folklore, a giant sea serpent. As on the rest of the album, we can also hear the harp of Gwen Mairi Yorke (whose music I have also shared a few times on here) and the fiddle of Patrick Rimes from the band Calan, who both frequently collaborate with Gwilym not only on his albums.

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