Question of the day.

What time of day does your energy level start to decrease?

My answer:

It’s actually nothing fixed for me, since my whole circadian rhythm likes to shift around a lot, so it can vary a fair bit, also depending on how I’m doing mentally and all sorts of things. But, very generally, as I think I’m more of a night owl, at least by default, I think I can say that for me it’s more like I tend to start with low energy levels and then they keep increasing. It usually takes my brain some time to get going when I wake up, and I’m also kind of physically sluggish in the mornings as well a lot of the time. It’s not because I tend not to have refreshing sleep though of course this can vary too, I guess my brain is simply the kind that takes its time to boot and I tend to have low blood pressure, and I guess the dysthymia may also have something to do with this. Coffee used to be extremely helpful with this, but now that it’s started to give me really bad anxiety, I can no longer rely on it so I have to use other things that are less effective but eventually my brain will get going on its own, it’ll simply take longer. If I’m peopling a lot during the day then my energy will be draining a lot faster. Currently (that is for about a week) my sleep/wake cycle has been pretty messy and I sleep A LOT, and I can’t even really put my finger on why it’s so because I can’t say I feel tired or sleepy, but once I do fall asleep I just can’t stop sleeping. I purposefully went to sleep very early last night wanting to hopefully wake up reasonably early yet give my brain time to sleep if it needs it so badly, but despite I fell asleep at like 10 PM I woke up after 11 AM! I didn’t even hear my alarm go off earlier in the morning and must have turned it off in my sleep. 😀 The other night I slept through a whopping 15 hours. Sofi managed to come back from school and I was still sleeping! Such things do happen sometimes so it’s absolutely not abnormal in Bibielland, or, in any case, not extraordinary, but I’m not a fan of it unless I’m really depressed and thus really escapist and sleep feels like the only way to live or when I have super cool dreams but lately it’s been meh where dreams are concerned. But at least I do feel rested after this sleep, so it’s not like it’s all wasted time, and things will probably shift in a few days anyway. So the way it is right now I also tend to start with lower energy that increases over time. But sometimes it can just as well be so that I wake up insanely early, say 3 AM even, and feel very energised, and then my energy will start to decrease around early afternoon.

How is it with you? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I still wish with a passion that you could regulate your sleep schedule! It used to be that way for me, and I don’t miss it!! If I could wave a magic wand and fix your sleep schedule, I’d probably do it!!

    For me, my meds keep it regulated quite nicely. I fall asleep around 1:00 AM on average and wake up around 10:30 AM or thereabouts. Hmm…. I experience an energy dip around dinner time of 6:00 PM. Often I’ll lie down and strategize, like what else do I want to accomplish that day? This is a win-win for resting and planning. If I’m sleepy enough and need a nap, I usually fall asleep, which is good, ’cause if I’m slightly behind on my rest, I need to catch up. I get a massive second wind in the evening/night and often use it to do computer things (writing, blogging, reading) whereas I use my original energy to start the day by doing productive things (cleaning, errands, going places), so it works out pretty well!!

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    1. I don’t know, perhaps I’m very tolerant or something but I’m really not extremely bothered by my shifting sleep cycles, perhaps because I know quite a bunch of people who have it worse. For me it can get in the way when I have some rigid plans like going somewhere in the morning at a specific time, but usually with some negotiation and compromise on both sides we can figure something out with my brain. Also my sleep med does help but I only use it when there’s no other way. I feel like there definitely are things that are more problematic for me than this.
      That’s really cool that your energy works in your favour like this. 🙂 It’s cool to have a lot of energy later on, when most people are already drained. 😀

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      1. Ohhh, good points!! I must be projecting my own bad memories onto your experience! But it does sound like you’ve got quite a grip on it! I guess it’s like with me and paranoia, the way I’m okay with being paranoid, but then there are other things (like being depressed or anxious, for example) that would be harder for me to cope with! I’m glad to hear that you’re so tolerant of the sleeping issues!!

        Yeah, it is pretty cool that I get a second wind!! 😮 I need to start using it to get myself to the gym again!!

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    2. Yeah I think it can all be very subjective what’s difficult or less difficult to deal with. I guess same is even with our respective sleep paralysis experiences since you say you’re okay with it, but for me it’s way more of a problem than irregular sleep. 😀
      Good idea with the gym! 🙂

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      1. That is so weird but true! I’m not really upset by the sleep paralysis, nightmares, inability to wake up, or whatever it is I’m dealing with! I’m like, no huge deal, now I’m awake! Uncanny. Because I can see how it WOULD be upsetting!! Oh! That reminds me. The dentist says I have to wear a mouth guard now because I’ve been grinding! 😮 Huh. Well, since you’re opposed to the paralysis, here’s hoping that I experience more of it instead of you! (If only things could be allotted, ya know?)

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    3. That sucks with grinding, but I hope the mouthguard helps. This is just another thing that, in my subjective opinion, is way worse than irregular sleep, because it can lead to all sorts of shitty dental stuff, which in turn may lead to a lot of dentist interventions, which for me trigger the emetophobia. 😀 I suppose since one of my emetophobia triggers is having non-edible stuff in my mouth for a prolonged time, even wearing a mouthguard could be a bit challenging too. Hope it all won’t be very problematic for you though. 🙂

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