CajsaStina Åkerström – “När” (When).

Hey people! 🙂

Today’s song of the day is from a Swedish singer with whose music I’ve been familiar for quite a few years. If I remember correctly, it was around the time she took part in Swedish Eurovision preselections Melodifestivalen when I was starting to take deeper interest in Swedish popular music, and was relying on for music discovery, and as a result often recommended her music to me since I believe she was particularly popular at that moment or something. I don’t really love her music, but there are a few songs by her that I like, like this one. I don’t know why, as they’re not really very much my style, but I just do.

CajsaStina Åkerström is a well-known artist in her home country. She also sounds quite versatile because not only is she a singer, but has a degree in archaeology and since I believe quite recently has gotten some attention as a painter. She is the daughter of the famous Swedish vissångare (visa is a typical Swedish/Scandinavian folk song) Fred Åkerström, who was particularly known for interpreting the works of the 18th-century Swedish poet Carl Michael Bellman, which is why I always think that she should have been called Cajsa Lisa rather than CajsaStina, because there’s a poem by Carl Michael Bellman called Glimmande Nymf (Gleaming Nymph) where the nymph’s name is Cajsa Lisa. Lol yeah, my inner name nerd/baby namer never sleeps. 😀

Fred Åkerström collaborated a fair bit with Cornelis Vreeswijk (one of my faza peeps) especially at the beginning of Vreeswijk’s career and helped to promote his music. I’ve never really felt Åkerström or his music quite as much as I do Vreeswijk despite all the similarities between them.

CajsaStina wrote her autobiography, which I haven’t read, but even looking at it’s title – “Du och Jag, Farsan” (You and Me, Daddy) we can assume that a lot of place in there has been dedicated to her relationship with her father. Later on she also toured together with Jack Vreeswijk – son of Cornelis. – These two definitely must have had very similar childhood experiences – having had larger-than-life, talented or even ingenious (certainly the case with Vreeswijk, don’t know enough about Åkerström to say that) fathers, who both struggled with addictions, were both quite obsessed about Bellman and other such people, and, from what I gather, were really cool fathers when they were around but more often they were not present or at least not in a secure way. – Both CajsaStina and Jack also lost their fathers in their twenties so that’s really early.

The song of her that I want to share with you comes from her album Vreden och Stormen (The Anger and the Storm). I really wanted to translate it for you but the results were rather meh, so I’ll just tell you what it’s about. The way I see it it’s about how the time of the lyrical subject’s life is passing, and she still doesn’t feel like she’s truly living the life she wants and like she doesn’t know who she exactly is or is playing some role that’s not really her, it’s about not having some deeper meaning, or truth, to her existence, and I guess it all feeling quite empty and she expects and longs for something more from her life than what she has.

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