Question of the day.

What are three things you recently purchased?

My answer:

I was out earlier today, mostly because I needed a haircut. Obviously I paid for it but that’s not really a purchase. I’ve been having a mild headache ever since I woke up, which I initially didn’t think was anything serious so didn’t take anything for it. I still sometimes find it difficult to figure out what has the potential to develop into a migraine and what not so much, and how much I can wait, and I also don’t want to take the meds more than necessary just because my brain’s a little achy. Having this headache reminded me that I was running out of my primary migraine med, so as I already had a valid prescription I wanted to get it on the way back. By the time I left the hairdresser’s my brains were throbbing quite a lot more and I was feeling real nauseous and had a bit of migraine chills already. I think it was really fortunate that I had to go to the pharmacy, because this way I was able to take it before I got home, and if I had to wait until I’d be home I’d probably be sick enough by then that it would be too late for anything to work. Also it was quite a blessing in disguise that I got this headache today because otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t remember to get the med. 😀 So thanks to the way things worked out, my initial symptoms haven’t evolved into a real, major migraine. It’s still a bit achyy and I’m still feeling a bit shitty but definitely manageable. So yeah, I guess the migraine med counts as the purchase number one.

Then I also wanted to get some groceries and so did Mum so I paid both for the stuff I wanted for myself and for what Mum needed. There were quite a few grocery items so practically more than three things. 😀 And as we were shopping in a bigger supermarket, which is not where we usually do, there’s also Mish food so I bought some of that as well.

What are yours? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Sorry your brain is throbbing – I hope you feel better. The last three things I purchased for myself (not groceries or such for the house), were my 2022 Goal Setting Planner from Commit30, some Planner stickers and my morning coffee from Starbucks. Considering we are in the midst of the effects of Hurricane Ida, I should have probably purchased a raft to get home since I work directly across the street from the great Susquehanna River which will, no doubt, flood.

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  2. Okay… I first took this to mean nothing mundane. I am sticking to that vein. I needed a pair of shorts but summer is over and I didn’t think I would find them. First place I went was Goodwill and first thing on the rack was the only pair of shorts in the store. My size, my color, my style, 8 bucks! Fortuitous… Remember my favorite word? A couple months ago, my first pair of wireless earbuds. I know, welcome to the 21st century. Last year a good quality “blemished” acoustic guitar for a greatly reduced price. I inspected it and I have no idea what the blemish is. An acoustic guitar was greatly needed. Or… Apples, peaches and oranges.

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    1. The shorts purchase sounds really fortuitous indeed! 😀
      I only got my first pair of wireless headphones last year, so I’m still quite new to this century as well.
      And how cool and lucky with the (un)blemished acoustic guitar. My Mum is an expert at buying things like that – supposedly blemished but hard to say what was wrong with them – she makes such purchases regularly and fortuitously lol.

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  3. Oh no!! Sorry you’ve had another headache! That bites.

    I’ve bought new shoes, because I keep going through shoes at an alarming rate, I guess since I use the treadmill and am overweight. And I bought some oatmeal and peanut powder for said oatmeal!! YAY!

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