Question of the day (23rd August).

What’s a boring fact about yourself?

My answer:

Hmmm… I’ve been thinking about this question for quite a while now, and I have to conclude that, perhaps a bit paradoxically, it’s more difficult to come up with boring facts than at least slightly interesting ones, I guess because you never really think about the really boring, really obvious stuff ’cause it’s too obvious to think about. Is the fact that I have a photo of Misha as my phone wallpaper sufficiently boring and predictable? 😀

How about you? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Question of the day (23rd August).”

  1. I think it may be I have been buying, cooking and eating the same food items each week for years. My diet has evolved but each time I make a change I will stick with it week after week, month after month. The only time I eat something different is when I am outside my apartment.

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  2. That’s a relatively interesting fact about you in fact, since I have no phone wallpaper and always somehow assumed blind people wouldn’t use one. I mean, I almost always have the screen shade on, so what’d be the point of a wallpaper?

    Anyway, I guess a boring fact about me would be that I have dark brown hair, because every sighted person will be able to tell from my profile pic and I’m not sure blind folks would be interested in it.

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    1. Hahahahah good point about wallpapers and screen curtain! 😀 I have it on virtually all the time as well, so no one can see my amazing wallpaper most of the time, and obviously I can’t see it either way, but I have so many pics of Misha that when Sofi suggested this to me I figured why not, who said you have to actually see a wallpaper or make it visible for others? It can be just my secret. 😀
      I know some blind people, including myself, for whom visual details like hair colour and such are quite interesting, or at least not totally uninteresting, because they can still give some more idea about a person. For example I like very detailed character descriptions in books, including their appearance.

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  3. Boring fact? Hmm….. well, my bedroom looks like a rainbow exploded. There are over twelve walls up here and four gabled ceilings, all different colors. However, the wall to my direct right as I type this is brown. Yeah, just brown. It goes well with the bloodred ceilings in this wing. Brown and bloodred, who knew? But yeah, if you were to just look at that wall, you might not know about the rainbow explosion. On the other hand, the wall has a rainbowy graphic I printed out with tips for anger on it (valerian, aromatherapy, dammit doll, breathe, rise to the occasion), and there are some stuffed animals and dolls behind my retro landline. Hmm. Maybe the brown wall isn’t boring enough! 😀

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