Question of the day.

What tastes worse the more you eat it?

My answer:

All sorts of fast food and a lot of junk food, or some things that are either really filling, or very sweet, or both, since as you gradually feel more full, you’re less and less hungry and more stuffed so naturally it no longer tastes quite as good as it did at the beginning when you were properly hungry. I usually eat small portions of food in one go because I feel totally filled really quickly, or in any case as it seems it takes a lot less for me than most people. I think I might have screwed myself up a little bit in this regard through eating little and quite irregularly due to emetophobia and other mental health stuff like that I had times where I would eat very little or skip meals as a way of self-harming/defeating, or because I sort of didn’t like having needs like that, or simply due to stress because when I’m stressed or anxious I feel nauseous and unable to eat. Then when the stress would be over, like after exams or stuff, I’d get myself a chocolate or a bag of crisps and eat it pretty much in one go. It’s not a real problem for me most of the time, I guess it’s better to eat mini meals and the fact that I don’t need loads of food means I’m pretty low-maintenance and there’s always more left for Olek who eats like four Bibiel portions for dinner, except when we go to a restaurant or get takeaway food and it’s a new place so I don’t know how big the portions might be, and I order something which turns out to be HUGE and I end up feeling full by the time I eat half of it. 😀 Even when ordering from a place I know, I can sometimes overestimate how much I can eat when I’m really hungry, plus being blind and having a brain that doesn’t really do counting also means that over- or underestimating abstractive amounts of abstractive food you can’t actually see is easy.

It seems particularly difficult to find the golden mean when ordering fast food. Yesterday I wanted to have a deep talk with Sofi about something, and I was craving something salty so I figured that since we haven’t had fast food in a good while, I could order some for both of us, which would also make getting the desired information out of Sofi hella easier, ’cause fast food is not a frequent thing in our house and it’s even rarer that Mum would spontaneously get something for Sofi so she would definitely be delighted and chatty as a result. So we ordered some KFC which is closest to us, and I had a problem again, ’cause the last time we ordered from there I got very little food for myself, and it didn’t feel quite enough. So this time I got small fries, five hot wings and a big chocolate milkshake since it seems like you can no longer order small ones, at least online. Sofi got herself big fries, a wrap, five hot wings and a big chocolate milkshake as well. And both of us ended barely being able to finish our meals, and we couldn’t even think about food without feeling queasy. 😀 Those KFC milkshakes are really good, but there’s always a problem with them, even Sofi says so. When you eat all of your food, which is filling in itself, you no longer have the space for something as sweet and filling as the milkshake. So we often have to drink them over time and this way they no longer taste as good. That’s one reason why we rarely eat stuff like that.

What’s such a food in your opinion? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh wow, interesting question, and interesting point about fast food, but I’m such a glutton that I’d have to order three fast food meals to reach that point of over-satiety. [Shaking my head at myself.] I would say, though, that cookie cake has that effect. I usually get one for my birthday, and I can eat that whole huge cookie in one day. Like, hey, step away from my cookie cake and no one gets hurt! 😀 Totally kidding. But by the end of the cake, it’s like, ugh, I’m not really enjoying it anymore, but I don’t have the discipline to save any for tomorrow!! AAUGH!

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  2. In America, a Thanksgiving day feast. After that first big plateful. The food is the same, the turkey still smells amazing and I want just one more black olive and sweet pickle, but everything loses it’s flavor to a degree. And then there’s all that left over turkey too..

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    1. I could say the same about Christmas Eve supper over here. There are always such loads of foods, and the traditional dishes tend to be pretty filling on their own, let alone when you eat so many at once haha. And then there’s still salads, desserts, candy etc. and yeah, the leftovers. I absolutely love Christmas food, but as you keep eating and eating it the appeal can decrease dramatically.

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