Question of the day.

What is something that sounds safe but actually isn’t?

My answer:

Registering somewhere online. ANYWHERE! Creating an account. Especially when they want your email! 😱 It’s like opening yourself to evil because you let all them companies and big tech people invigilate and track you and eavesdrop on you and read your most important emails (even the ones you didn’t send ’cause they were too cringey but still keep in drafts) and probably even your thoughts because they always show you the ads of things you’ve been thinking about recently! It’s not just Facebook and Google (although of course Google is the worst and responsible for all the catastrophes in the world) but everything, even small businesses which want you to log in on their website, they actually sell your data to China and God knows what else they do with it. 😀

That’s what my Dad recently shared with me. My Dad is slightly, well, perhaps more than slightly, backwards when it comes to technology, but he has no shame about it, and he doesn’t have to because he has Bibiel to deal with that when it comes to his work stuff, and other than work stuff, he only uses his computer to watch YouTube (I don’t think he realises it’s actually Google), go on Marine Traffic, which is also kind of to do with his job as he delivers fuel to ships among others, browse the Internet (using Bing), “travel” (with Google Maps, which he’s perfectly aware of, but oh well), go on OLX (which is like a Polish equivalent of eBay (logging in from Mum’s account, or rather not logging out), and sometimes watching some regional online TV and stuff like that. He also has an (Android) smartphone (from China) and to his credit he had a smartphone LOOONG before I did, but the only smart functionality of it that he uses is (paradoxically) Google Assistant, when he needs to look something up on the phone on the web, because asking Google is faster than typing. Oh and he also uses some app for translating in real time when he interacts with people at work who speak other languages, which I’m sure also uses Google Translate and Google speech recognition system, so… Somehow when it comes to the phone it doesn’t bother him so much that he uses Google as the search engine, and although I tell him that repeatedly, he still doesn’t seem to fully grasp or accept or something that his phone’s system is actually from Google.

He does NOT have an email address, well, to be exact he has several and with different providers, probably even more than I do, which either Mum or me or Sofi or Olek helped him create, but he doesn’t use any of them because (a) he doesn’t know how and doesn’t have the patience to learn, and (b) he doesn’t remember his passwords, or he doesn’t remember where he put the piece of paper where he wrote the password down. Back when he was still somewhat motivated to learn to use an email address, he’d ask me what his password was, as if I could have any idea about that, and then he’d be mad at the whole world. 😀

Anyways, quite recently he was sharing with me some of his tech woes and how he was trying to buy something online from somewhere else other than OLX, but they wouldn’t let him, because they wanted him to log in, to even see the seller’s phone number. I said that it seems pretty reasonable to me, it’s easier to shop when you create an account, and why would the seller want their phone number to be visible to all the random peeps in the world? I also began to wonder why it’s such a problem for him to register somewhere. I mean yeah, it can be a hassle, I myself don’t like registering somewhere where I don’t really feel the need to simply because it’s waste of time and sometimes you can still come across surprises like visual captchas which are very annoying and discouraging, some bigger websites can also be pretty intrusive with all their nagging, but generally I don’t see much of a problem with registrations alone. He doesn’t have an email address but Mum lets him use hers for stuff like OLX shopping so he could use it for registrations. So I asked him what his problem with registering was, was it too difficult or something, and that was when he told me all that amazing stuff about how it’s unsafe and evil. Well yeah I exaggerated it a bit for satirical purposes, but even knowing his paranoid tendencies it was a surprise for me how skewed his idea of Internet privacy is.

And don’t get me wrong here, I don’t like big tech either, I hate Facebook, wouldn’t use Google if there were better alternatives for some of their services and I value my online privacy very dearly and some people would probably also call me a freak in this regard. I totally get people’s concerns over their privacy online, but the extent to which my Dad takes it is quite hilarious, especially given that he doesn’t really understand how Internet works and really enjoys invigilating all those ships, looking up where people live etc. and it’s funny how he uses so much stuff from Google without even realising it, while at the same time hating it so much.

So that was the first answer that came to my mind when thinking of such unsafe things that sound safe. Being more serious, food is an excellent example, it can make you vomit. And can make loads of other things to you. Allergies, poison, choking, cancer, diabetes, what fun!

Also amusement parks and similar, all the rides in them. They always say they’re safe, but accidents seem to happen regularly. Oh yeah and you could also vomit from it and make your vestibular system go nuts.

Your turn. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Driving. IF one follows the rules, drives carefully, is conscious of what’s going on around them and is respectful of other drivers, it IS safe. But how many drivers are all those things? I’d say darned few. My husband who drove big rig for a living, used to say that drivers were the most idiotic creatures on the planet and most of ’em had no business behind the wheel of a however many ton piece of machinery.

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  2. So true about the internet! I’ve reached the point of just giving out my basic info everywhere, because it’s never going to “come back” at this date. It’s out there!! Oh well! [Shrugs.]

    Hmm… something that sounds safe but isn’t? Fun question! Hmm… I want to say life. We strive for certain levels of safety, well, those of us who aren’t reckless or daredevils (not that I judge), but anything’s a risk!

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  3. I have an email account that is used only for registering for various unimportant things. I have a made-up internet birthday that I use when sites I don’t trust ask for my date of birth, and I won’t sign up for anything that demands a phone number unless it’s a major site that I feel confident has no reason to release that kind of information out to the world.

    One thing I have no interest in using is smart devices that sit there waiting for you to talk to them. No thank you.

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    1. I also use a secondary email address for less important registrations. A false birth date is a good idea too.
      Yeah, smart devices with speech recognition are creepy, even if they also can be helpful. I do use Siri on my iPhone as it sometimes makes some things a lot faster than if I were to do them myself, but I don’t like the idea of her listening out for whenever I may say “Hey Siri” so I disabled that and just activate her manually whenever I need her. That probably still doesn’t prevent her completely from listening to more than necessary, but at least makes me feel like I’m more in control of the situation. 😀 And I comfort myself that Apple is slightly better than Google at handling privacy.

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      1. I occasionally use Siri, and when I do, I activate it manually. I figure that it could be listening anyway, but someone would have to go out of their way to make it do so, whereas if it’s enabled, I know for sure that it is listening.

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