Question of the day.

Why do you close the bathroom door even when you’re the only one at home?

My answer:

Well, I guess you could say I am mildly paranoid with people. Part of it is probably due to my mental health and personality in general, and part of it is blindness. When I’m home alone, or even alone in my room, and doing something that for whatever reason I wouldn’t like anyone to see me doing, I’ll still take all the meticulous precautions even if I theoretically know I’m alone, because how do I know that for 100%? Or people could come back any minute, even if it’s not very likely, because all sorts of unplanned things happen. In my previous room, which I eventually grew to love very much, I had a hard time getting used to living there, because I’d hear all sorts of sounds, especially weird noises from the radiator, and hearing all those things that I couldn’t quite pinpoint where they were coming from made me think that someone is either in my room, or directly outside the window, or by the door, so I felt like I was being invigilated or whatever. Having this sort of feeling for hours and days on end can really make you freak out. Add sensory anxiety into the mix, part of which for me is a totally irrational feeling like somebody (in this case my brain frenemy known to the outside world as “Ian”, is constantly somewhere around), and you get some pretty amazing experience. πŸ˜€

When Sofi was younger, she had a freakishly annoying and kind of creepy habit of lurking in my room and then trying to scare me, thinking that I wouldn’t know she was there. It rarely worked out, because she’s just not a good lurker, plus I’m too hypervigilant for such things to work out very easily. When I’d have the slightest suspicion of her being there, I’d just do something that would make her laugh and she wouldn’t be able to resist. But the less successful she was at it, the more determined she was, and there were a few times that she actually managed to surprise me and even scare me a fair bit. It was quite difficult to get her to stop this behaviour, and over time it really made me quite suspicious of all sorts of things.

Sometimes people don’t even deliberately want to scare me, but as a kid I had situations where my Mum would be sitting quietly in my room, waiting for me without me knowing, or my Dad sleeping in there as he liked to do, and not knowing this and realising after some time could be a bit frightening.

For most of my life, as you guys probably know, I used to live in a boarding school, so I had roommates and some people around pretty much all the time, I also didn’t have my own room in our first house for the first like 10 years of my childhood and our entire family had like one huge bedroom, so some ways of maintaining some level of privacy get naturally ingrained over time in such situation, I guess.

So yeah, I care about my privacy all the time, whether I know about people being around or not. Even if I know that there’s no one else in the house right now except Misha, I have no guarantee that they won’t come back while I’m pooping or laying in the bathtub, and it would be quite a hassle to have to close the door in the meantime before someone manages to see me or get into the bathroom. πŸ˜€ I guess even if I was 100% sure somehow that there are no people and that no people are going to come back while I’m in the bathroom, I’d still close it just automatically ’cause why not? It’s not a bad habit or anything. It just wouldn’t feel right otherwise. I guess even if I had a place of my own, I’d still stick to my habits, including closing the bathroom while I’m in, ’cause… you just never know. πŸ˜€

What’s your reason? Or maybe you actually don’t do it? πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I do close the bathroom door even when alone in my room, but I never lock it. I usually close it mostly out of habit, as I don’t really mind my staff (at least now that they’re all female) seeing me without clothes.

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  2. No I don’t. I do, of course, if someone is visiting. Leaving the door open in that circumstance is just rude IMHO. I notice visitors always close the door too. Plus Ziggy is really nosy and will try following people in the loo. LOL I was very particular about the closed bathroom door until I got married. He never closed the door, even when it was more than warranted that he do so. I got in the habit of a) checking to make sure the damned seat was down (he was bad at that) AND leaving the door open if it were only him and me (and dogs) at home. Now, as I live alone and who cares (Ziggy obviously doesn’t), I leave it open.

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  3. I’m exactly like you. Even if no one is home (but the pets), I’m desirous to guarantee my privacy at any cost. I’ve sort of relaxed my protocol, though. I’ll sometimes pee in the bathroom with the door open and the bathroom light off. If my dad were to come home, he’d have to cross the whole house, turn on the bathroom light, and look in. He has terrible vision, and it’s more likely he’d never know I was there.

    But if it’s for a shower or a bath, then I’m for sure locking the bathroom door!! I will walk around the house in my bra, though, but only when I’m bleaching my hair. Otherwise, I’m decent enough to have on a shirt. (I’m always afraid that I’d get bleach on the shirt while taking it off before rinsing out the bleach.) Because I feel like my bra is no more revealing than a bikini top. I’m not a huge wearer of skimpy lingerie, so it’s a fairly solid bra.

    When we moved into this house in 1992, there was no lock on the bathroom door. It took me forever to realize that the door could be blocked from inside by pulling out a built-in drawer. At that point, the door could only open an inch or so. I finally discovered this before taking a bath one day, and my brother came barging in but the drawer stopped him. Whew! After that, we knew to pull open a drawer. But nowadays, I ripped out the drawers and put in shelves and hangers, and I put a lock on the door, too. Being a woodworker has loads of benefits!!

    Fun question! I was laughing at Sofi’s antics while shaking my head in consternation at the same time!

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    1. Lol I never turn the light on in the bathroom, at least not upstairs, feels like a waste of energy given that I have no light perception. πŸ˜€ I’ll sometimes also be only in a bra when I’m on my own but it’s only when I’m mostly staying in my room and simply have no energy to put something else on plus it’s hot.
      Sounds like woodworking skills can really come in handy in various situations. πŸ˜€

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