Question of the day.

If you could eat only one type of ethnic cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My answer:

Hmmmm… I have a few favourite cuisines, so it’s a little tricky. It’s a bit funny because it’s actually the opposite compared with languages – I love mostly Celtic, a lot of Germanic and some Finnougrian languages but am not particularly in love with cuisines from these areas. – I don’t feel any inclination towards Mediterranean languages, but I really like Mediterranean cuisines, especially Greek. Also Italian, but Greek dishes are even yummier, and I love all those things like feta cheese and olives etc. I also really like a lot of Mexican and Indian dishes because I like things to be hot, and I don’t mind real real hot, to the point where sometimes people are surprised how much spicy food I can eat, 😀 I guess it’s genetic because my Dad is the same. Our Polish cuisine also has many absolutely delicious dishes, but there are also many that I don’t like at all and I’m not sure I could live my entire life solely on the thoroughly Polish dishes that I like, especially that most of them aren’t extremely healthy, my favourite Silesian dumplings for example, although perhaps if I ate that for every meal every day I’d finally put on some weight so my Mum would be happy. 😀 I think in general, I’d like Greek cuisine the most, but the big downside is that I guess it isn’t very hot in its nature. I mean sure, I could put chili or Cayenne pepper or kalonji on things but I guess that would no longer be true Greek cuisine, so I’m not sure whether that would be cheating or not. And not having any hot dishes at all would quickly get rather boring and underwhelming. So I think ultimately I’d pick Mexican.

How about you? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’d choose Chinese, hands down. I LOVE Chinese food. Mmmm. Chicken fried rice, orange chicken, lemon chicken, Mongolian beef, ohhh yes. Sadly in my neighborhood all the Chinese restaurants are closed. This predates the coronavirus. There’s just no one running any. My only options are to go to the mall and get Chinese buffet, or to go to the rather shabby Chinese restaurant in the adjoining neighborhood. And we used to have a great Chinese restaurant right across the street! Twenty years ago. I could see it from my bedroom window–literally that close. I loved their orange chicken and their chicken fried rice. I’d often start the day with a side order of fried rice for a dollar. And they had divine chicken soup, into which I’d put an order of fried wonton!! Ohhhh!!! And when I was living in Georgia, there was a restaurant that had buffet with divine Mongolian beef, whole mushrooms, fried rice, and doughnuts. There are times that I want to get in the car and drive eight hours just to return to that restaurant, and I’m not kidding. Ohhh!!!

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  2. Understand your resonance with Mexican [and probably some of the other South American cuisines – especially when it comes to barbecuing like Argentina].

    Glad your Dad shares your passion for hot food.

    I would pick Thai food [this was a hard pick from Vietnamese; Korean; Mexican and several Indigenous Australian cuisines].

    Thai food is very balanced with fresh fruits and vegetables and meats and spices/sauces and sweets. And noodles.

    Most of the Thai cuisine I have eaten is from the north – and banquets got me into it.

    When you talked about regional cuisine, Emilia – China and India have lots of regions.

    If I were to go with Chinese like Meg, I would have picked Siuchan in particular.

    And if I went with Indian like SadiRose – it would be Punjabi.

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    1. I’ve had very little experience with Thai food so far, and I guess what I had might not necessarily have reflected the actual Thai food very well, but from what you say it sounds really delicious! 🙂 Had no experience whatsoever with other cuisines you mentioned, except for South American, of course.
      This is a very good point about India and China having regions and food being different in each of them, I suppose sometimes quite extremely different. I have very little idea about specific regions of India though and their respective cuisines, as my idea about Indian food is mostly very mainstream-European and likely a bit or a lot skewed. 😀 I have been to an Indian restaurant owned by actual Indian people several times and at school I got to know some people who either were from India or had lived there and tried dishes from the country that they made, but I don’t have a lot of knowledge about it. Same even about Mexico, I know they have slightly different cuisines in different regions but I most definitely wouldn’t be able to say what is from where exactly.

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