6 thoughts on “Question of the day (14th August).”

  1. Thanks for asking!! Hmm…. I went to Target yesterday to see if they had my oatmeal (they did! YAY!) and I wound up buying this outfit that’s made of black fleece with white stars all over it. Totally cosmic! I love it. I can’t tell if it’s pyjamas or exercise clothes or general clothes, but what the heck, I’m going to wear it everywhere. In fact I’m wearing it right now because that heat wave went away. YAY for that too! I’m just afraid that since it’s fleece, it will get covered with dog fur. Ugh. But it’s still the coolest outfit ever. And it fits perfectly and flatters! (I got an XL in the top and L in the pants. Good thing they were sold separately!) And it has pockets! I’m totally going to take it to Prague, where people dress with more whimsy than they do here. (Sonya’s always wearing her kitty ears headband whenever we go out.)

    I have a fun question for you! Are you feeling cool enough in your house with the AC, or are you suffering from hot weather upstairs? And are you looking forward to fall weather, and if so, why? YAY!

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    1. Yay, this fleece outfit sounds really cool! I think that’s already one really fun reason to like cooler weather – that you can wear all sorts of cosy clothes! – I have very cosy and fluffy overalls that my Mum made for me, and I love wearing them in the evenings before I go to sleep. But they’re so warm that it’s totally impossible in summer, even without a heatwave. I guess I like them so much because they’re the only clothing I currently have that my Mum has made for me. So yeah, I hope we’ll both be able to wear our cosy outfits soon. 😀
      As for your question, I’m really happy with the AC and it’s working great for me. I still do find heat very yucky, but it’s far more bearable than it had been here in my room.
      I have a bit mixed feelings about fall, because I definitely am looking forward to it being cooler and cosier and all, but also fall tends to still be the time for me when my brain’s most mentally messy (I have lots of shitty memories regarding the beginning of school year and everything related to it, and as Sofi still goes to school it’s difficult to avoid all that coming up), so on the other hand I’m a bit apprehensive. But it gets better and less turbulent each year so I hope it’ll be the case this year as well.

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      1. Oh that’s too bad about having bad back-to-school memories! I hear ya! The adjustment can be overwhelming. I had issues with it in college, where I’d totally stress over having to interact with everyone again and tell them how my summer was. At one point I ate an entire family-size bag of Cheetos in one sitting because I was that stressed over going back. Ugh. I’m glad you and I don’t have to go back anymore, though! But I still keep having that dream of returning to school. It haunts me! 😀 Like why why why must I keep dreaming that I’m a few classes short of a degree, or whatever? Good grief.

        And oh my gosh, I’m the same way. Nothing’s better about fall than getting out my fall/winter wardrobe! Oh wow, I look forward to it every year!! Your overalls sound awesome!! I love overalls!

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    2. Ugh, yeah, I can very much relate to that. Interacting with people at the beginning of school year sucks. I’m extremely grateful indeed that neither of us has to deal with all that anymore, and that Sofi doesn’t have as much of a problem with it or it would probably be more difficult for me, too. I in turn would never be able to it for the whole day when I had to go back to school, I don’t know which way of dealing with stress is better. 😀 And I get loads of annoying or downright unsettling back to school dreams at this time of year too. It’s weird how soooo many people seem to deal with these pretty much their entire lives. As if we had nothing better to dream about.

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