Question of the day.

How are you feeling?

My answer:

Very decent really. I got some good sleep, which is much appreciated because lately my brain thinks that when I’m going to sleep, it’s the best time for doing some deep, intense thinking, and then of course it’s difficult to fall asleep. The good thing is that I’m not having a particularly stressful time right now so there’s nothing stressful or scary to ruminate about, so I mostly think about neutral or really nice things, but still, when you’re trying to sleep and are actually tired, such very intense, all-consuming thinking sessions can get slightly exhausting. 😀 But yeah, like I said today I got real good sleep, and am having quite a lot of energy and generally feeling fairly positive about things. I’m gonna do some Welsh learning in a while so that’ll probably further boost my mood. I was slightly headachey in the morning so thought I’m going to end up with a migraine or something, but it went away completely.

How about you? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I am feeling a lot like you today. Thanks for asking. Maybe I didn’t sleep as well but I am good and feeling like the day will only get better.

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  2. Oh good, I’m so glad you got some happy sleepytime!! YAY!!

    Same here! I slept soundly until around 11:00!! What I’ve noticed is that LuLu is a therapy dog. She can tell by my snoring when I’m ready to wake up, and then she helps me wake up. Without her, I might still be sleeping some days until 1:00 PM. I love my sweet LuLu!

    I feel fine otherwise, too, and I hope it will be a great day for everyone!!

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    1. Wow, that’s so great about LuLu! When Misha is in the room with me, he wakes me up from sleep paralysis when I have it and I guess he must somehow pick up on when I’m having it, but sadly he’s not always here when I’m having it. When he is here, he always gets weirdly agitated when it’s happening, and jumps on the bed and rubs my foot with his head, alternatively he wails really loudly, which is different than how he normally asks to be let out.

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