Question of the day.

What motivates you to get out of bed every day?

My answer:

Usually it’s Misha, at least when he happens to sleep with me. I always close the door for the night so that if I’m up when everyone else is asleep I don’t wake up anyone, and if I’m still asleep when people are waking up, they don’t wake me up. Plus it just seems very privacy-invading sleeping with your door open. So whether Misha is or isn’t here, I always close it, which means that when he wants to go out in the morning, I must let him out. People are often surprised how I find that tolerable to hear a moaning cat first thing in the morning and have to get up even when I’m the sleepiest just to let him out, and that it’s like having a baby. I don’t really care, it’s nice to see Misha first thing in the morning and cuddle him for a while, and because I’m so used to doing it by now, sometimes I guess I do it without even waking up. 😀 Also if I need it, I can go back to sleep right away. Typically Misha will be back at my door for his morning nap, waiting to be let in, and then he’ll also need a snack.

If Misha’s not in the mood for sleeping with me, I simply rely on things I like that I have to do every day. Like my language learning or blogging or replying to my penfriends etc. It usually works to get me out of bed. Another motivator which works really well is that it’s not really something my brain likes to keep laying in bed for too long without actually sleeping, because then at some point before I even realise it, even if I had the best night’s sleep, I’ll start feeling extremely and quite unusually sleepy again, or more like tired, in a way that is really difficult to overcome, while at the same time the still awake part of me is getting all panicky out of the blue, in a totally primal, irrational way, and then if I won’t manage to get out of this state I end up having sleep paralysis within minutes. And then it’s all the more difficult to get out of bed, when I’m finally out of it, because it makes me really exhausted, floaty and foggy-brained, plus my anxiety’s usually through the roof at the same time. I don’t even have to lay in bed awake for very long, sometimes all it takes is being awake for a bit longer between sleeps, like when you wake up at night and then it takes you a while to go back to sleep. So I guess ideally if I wake up at night and am not asleep again within like 15 minutes I should get up, even if I’m still feeling like I could use more sleep.

I feel really grateful that even though my dysthymia plus circadian rhythm issues regularly make getting out of bed difficult, it doesn’t often happen to me that I’d be so depressed or out of energy that I totally can’t do it for hours or at all. I guess what also motivates me in a way to get going is that people around me, while mostly supportive, don’t really get the nuances of what it feels like when you have depression or stuff like that, and it’s difficult for people to make the connection between being depressed and having no energy, so I feel like I should get out of bed simply because otherwise people will think I’m lazy or something. One of the signs by which I can tell that I’m properly out of brainergy is that I don’t care about such details as whether people will think I’m lazy or not. I think it’s helpful to always have some sort of an idea, maybe not a whole fully-fledged plan but a reasonably clear idea, of what you’re going to be doing the next day, and especially regarding things that you generally like doing. Since I have dysthymia and not major depression, I’m not normally anhedonic (unable to feel pleasure out of doing normally pleasurable things), which makes finding things I like doing easy.

You? 🙂


9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’ve always been a morning person, so when I’m awake, I get up. I sometimes like lazing around in bed for an afternoon nap, but I’ve never done that in the morning. Also, as soon as the guinea pigs hear me shifting around in bed, the guinea pigs perk up. That used to involve high-pitched squeaks from everyone, but now Peanut chewing on the doorway or his house or, more annoyingly, the bars of his cage, is recognized by all as the dinner bell, so no one squeaks for food anymore.

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  2. Awwww, Misha, you sweet moaning kitty!! What a nice kitty to greet you to the day every morning!

    It’s the same here with my sweet LuLu, and even with Mr. Kitty. When I wake up, Mr. Kitty’s lying next to my pillow gazing at me, and LuLu jumps up and gives me hugs and kisses!

    I’m so glad we have such great pets!!

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    1. Pets are great motivators! 🙂 I hear that for a lot of people their cats wake them up by coming close to their pillow or something like that and I’m kind of sad that Misha doesn’t do it like that, unless I happen to be particularly unresponsive. But his early morning “hhrrru?”s are beautiful too!

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  3. I should say my morning prayers, but that would be not-altogether-truthful. It is a reason to get out of bed, but what motivates me every single morning is the extra hot, triple venti, black and white mocha, 2.5 pumps of each, oatmilk, no whip from Starbucks. Don’t judge me. It is an addiction.

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    1. Doesn’t sound like an overly harmful addiction to me, so why not? I also think it’s nice and helpful to have pleasant little morning routines like that, even if they evolve into addictions over time. 😀 Coffee used to be a motivator for me as well, until I was forced to stop drinking it as it started giving me horrid anxiety. Now I drink either green tea to get me going, or strong cocoa for the coffee-like taste, but neither is as good a motivator as coffee was haha.

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