Katinka Band – “Du rejser” (You Are Travelling).

Hey people! 🙂

Katinka Band is a Danish group founded by the singer Katinka Bjerregaard. I’ve been vaguely familiar with their music for a while, but had been listening to some Danish music recently and came across them again and decided to familiarise myself a bit better. I have to say I really like Katinka’s music. This song feels so powerful and emotional to me, so I decided to share this one with you today, however it’s possible that I’ll share some more of her music in the future, who knows. I’m not sure I translated the title correctly, because while I do know that resa and reise both mean (to) travel in Swedish and Norwegian respectively, and I am fairly sure that rejse means the same thing in Danish as well, Google also claims that rejse in Danish may mean leave, and in the

translation of the lyrics that I’ve found herethe title has been translated as You’re Leaving. So, as someone with no idea about Danish other than what I can understand via Swedish and some random bits of vocab that my brain has accumulated somehow, I should have probably humbly accepted that I am wrong, but for me the travel meaning seems more adequate in the context of the lyrics as a whole. Here’s the translation:

   It’s not the colour which has changed
It’s all the light you’re always hiding
You’ve parked your silence here with me
But I can’t see where the road ends
It’s tough being purposeless
When you always carry your baggage around
But you’ve wandered here for a thousand years
Can’t you just come back to me?
Do you hear that you’re supposed to be here?
Do you hear that I can’t be alone anymore?
Took the train, I just let it happen
What do you hope to find?
My face is hard to see
When everything is passing by so quickly
Do you still sail on corrugated cardboard?
Living in castles without air?
Or did you get warm at
One of your countless hotels?
Do you hear that you’re supposed to be here?
Do you hear that I can’t be alone anymore?
At every station, entirely without knowing anyone
Why don’t you come home?
‘Cause I can see that it’s not you
But me who’s getting blind
Do you hear that you’re supposed to be here?
Do you hear that I can’t be alone anymore?

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