Lucy Lagoon – “Juicy”.

Hey guys! 🙂

About a month ago, I shared with you

a song from Morgan Elwy’s solo album,

and mentioned in that post about him also having been part of a Manchester-based band called Lucy Lagoon and that I’d like to share something from them with you in future. And that day has come now.

Lucy Lagoon is a four-piece band made up of four guys studying in Manchester, three of them at the BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music) Institute, and Morgan studying physics at Manchester uni. I was interested in this band since, as you probably know by now if you’re a regular here, my current


peep is Jacob Elwy, Morgan’s brother, and when I have a faza on someone I’m also definitely interested in any music or other creative endeavours that their family members might be making.

And I ended up liking Lucy Lagoon pretty much instantly when I heard their music. They’re an indie band but their music is influenced by a lot of different genres, from reggae to rock to jazz to blues to funk. I just like how the result of this combination sounds.

The members have all quite diverse backgrounds, being from different parts of the UK or outside of it. There’s Morgan Elwy (bass, percussion, vocals) who as you probably know is from north Wales, Joss Barry (guitars and keys) is from Essex, Zak Walker (vocals and guitars) is from Nottinghamshire and Yuri Lindegger (drums and percussion) is from Switzerland, where the band has also toured.

Now that Morgan has graduated from uni and no longer lives in Manchester, he has left the band and I don’t know if someone has replaced him or not, I wonder actually whether this is just something they’re doing only as part of their student life or whether they want to continue with this afterwards as well, it doesn’t seem like they have a huge outreach beyond the local area, and they’ve only released one EP in 2018. Here’s one song from this EP:


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