Question of the day (17th June).

What is your biggest non-academic, non work-related accomplishment?

My answer:

Well, I think that would be my language learning achievements, especially when it comes to English and Welsh, as with Swedish I had a tutor for a long time so you could say it was kinda academic, but with English and Welsh I’ve been doing it mostly by myself. I did of course have English throughout my formal education, but, as I said many times before, I don’t feel like I learned anything more than just the basics this way, and anything else I wanted to achieve, I had to take care of myself, and only reached fluency in my last years of schooling when I had plenty of time to work on my English as I first had a year of individual education and then did schoolwork part-time and mostly from home. With Welsh, even though I don’t feel fluent yet at all, it feels like even more of an accomplishment because, even though I’m not fluent, I sort of doubted I could achieve even the level I’m at now, given the limited resources and their frequently limited accessibility and/or availability where I live.

You? πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Question of the day (17th June).”

  1. What a fun question, and you have much to feel proud of with languages! YAY!!

    Hmm…. I’d say that I somehow taught myself how to do woodworking to some capacity. Like, I don’t do wood turning (making round table legs, for example) or scrollsawing (cutting wood into intricate shapes) or woodworking by hand (rather than using the power tools), all because my interests don’t lie there. So I learned it Meg-style and mastered (more or less) Kreg pocket joinery (connecting wood with hidden screws that go through the wood diagonally), basic table saw use for cross-cutting (against the grain), ripping (along the grain), dadoes and rabbets (notches to slide a shelf into), and making diagonal and angled cuts. It seems weird how I was able to pick and choose what was best for me. Anyway, I’m very proud of that accomplishment! It never brought in any income, but I’ve remodeled a lot of the house, and it was hideous before (crooked, ugly shelves, horrid kitchen countertop, etc.), so I feel it was an accomplishment in our property, and of course I’ve made some minor home repairs. And then my bedroom… well, it’s rainbowfied, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder! πŸ˜€ I love it!

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