Question of the day (20th June).

What will you always say no to?

My answer:

A lot of things, I’m sure. Some I can think of right now:

When my Mum asks me if I’m still alive (she does that a lot and I always wonder what sort of question that is so I always answer that no, I died before she was alive), scrambled eggs, going to an amusement park, cigs, sex, bananas, diving, bungee jumping, going to the tropics, teaching people’s kids English, babysitting, another feet/legs surgery.

You? πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Question of the day (20th June).”

  1. I’d never say no to good sex! Here’s hoping. Bananas, though, yucks. I guess we both dislike bananas! I’d always say no to hardcore drugs. Just no, no, no, don’t mess up your brain that way, I daresay. I wouldn’t do hard drugs even for money!!

    HA HA! “Are you still alive?” That’s hilarious!!

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  2. So many things to choose from, but I’ll go with onions.

    The question about being alive is rather odd. Sometimes the guinea pigs will be so still when they’re sleeping that I wonder if they’re alive or not.

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  3. I will always say No to having regrets. Recently, I also say no to going fast. I feel no need to speed my life into what I think to miss out on what it is. Taking everything slow and steady, letting everything happen when it’s ready.

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