Question of the day (19th June).

What do you wish was illegal?

My answer:

Alcohol advertising. I feel like it is, or at least might be, doing a fair bit of harm. For example to addicts who are trying to quit, but seeing ads in the media or wherever else makes it more difficult. It’s also kind of normalising drinking, for lack of a better word, I’m not sure how to put it. I mean, everything’s for people, in moderate amounts and when you’re responsible etc. and no extreme is good, but I think when you see a lot of such ads, at some point you get the message that, actually, there’s nothing wrong with drinking, it’s just fun and cool, and you don’t see the other side of it. Here in Poland, the only alcohol that can be advertised is beer, and, as in the rest of the world, I suppose, it’s often advertised in connection with sports events, and football clubs are often sponsored by beer producers. So you can see footballers advertising beer or generally see beer being associated with football games, which long-term can surely influence people to believe that there’s no problem with beer being unhealthy, if even footballers drink it, even if they only advertise it. Then of course there’s the problem with minors who can see the TV ads even if there is a regulation of them not being aired before some hour (I honestly don’t know if there’s any limit in terms of time of the day for beer ads here, I’m ignorant when it comes to all things TV, all things beer and all things football). It familiarises kids with alcohol from a young age and as they are particularly impressionable I think they must quickly get the idea that alcohol is cool if they see those sort of ads a lot, they’re basically sucked down into the whole drinking culture thing before they can even make a fully conscious and willful decision and hence then a lot of people considering it very strange when someone doesn’t drink at all, for whatever reason. And, what always strikes me is, if we advertise alcohol, why won’t we also legalise cannabis where it’s not legal and advertise it on TV? Not that I’d somehow really want it to be the case, but it’s kind of illogical how even the word cannabis makes a lot of people panic, or even CBD, when alcohol has way worse side effects and long-term effects, and being high on it seems to affect people’s behaviour more negatively than weed, yet people have no problem with it and even alcoholism seems so “normal” for some.

What is such a thing for you? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Question of the day (19th June).”

  1. I completely agree, and I hate advertising in general, how manipulative it is, how triggering, and how offensive and hostile. I have issues with ads that have body parts talking to you, like a wound in your hand talking like a mouth, because it triggers surreality in me, and that’s not good. I also hate how they make fun of themselves as if they’re funny, when they’re not remotely funny at all. It’s like, who’s laughing? Ugh.

    Hmm…. what would I make illegal… well, it’s illegal to run stop signs and red lights, but I’d love for the local police to actually enforce that law, so I’ll go with that!! So frustrating!!

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    1. I hate advertising as well because I hate manipulation and their attempts at being funny are often very pathetic indeed, plus ads often have that sort of attitude where you feel like the advertiser must think people are somehow stupid if not properly mentally deficient. And I have sensory issues with some ads as well, ugh, whenever it happens it feels like they do that to me deliberately. 😀

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  2. I think direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs shouldn’t be allowed in the US. People can’t buy prescription drugs without a prescription, so advertising them is not a good idea.

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    1. Very good point! I also feel like something about advertising dietary supplements needs to be changed too, at least here, where a lot of info you can find on a supplement in an ad perhaps isn’t a straight out lie, but is often very misleading. And it shouldn’t be legal to advertise stuff for hemorrhoids or other gross ailments during breakfast shows, when it’s quite likely that a lot of viewers/listeners are eating. 😀

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