Question of the day (18th June).

If animals could talk, which one would be the most annoying?

My answer:

I guess something like parrots and other animals which are talkative anyways, they’d probably have even more to say if they’d be able to talk like humans very well, but I somehow doubt they’d have a lot of interesting or original things to say. Otherwise ducks, geese and the like, all those animals who are really noisy and not particularly pleasant-sounding. Or the small dog breeds, who, again, often make a lot of noise which is often already annoying even though they don’t speak human.

I always want Misha to be able to talk, even at least for five minutes so I can ask him if he’s happy or if there’s something he really wants that is realistically doable or if there’s anything he’d like me to know, but my Mum claims he’d be super annoying if he could talk, and just as now he’s very non-vocal, if he could talk he’d probably wouldn’t shut up for a minute. I don’t really see why his personality would be supposed to change at the same time as well. Still, perhaps it would be annoying regardless how much he’d talk, because Mum also says that in her opinion he’d only talk about food and how hungry he is or that he wants out, which is more realistic than the personality change because that’s already more or less everything he talks about when he does make any sounds, and it can get old.

What do you think? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the day (18th June).”

  1. Well, Misha spoke to me yesterday. He said, “Ohh, Meg, Emilia is the greatest owner I’ve ever had! I love her so much and I just want to meow and tell her how much I love her, and what a wonderful human she is! She’s such a great friend, especially when she pets me and gives me treats and plays with me!” Yeah, I meant to tell you but forgot, so I’m glad this question reminded me! 😀

    I’d love to hear what LuLu would be saying whenever we pass a dog and she goes ballistic. It would probably involve some doggie profanity.

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    1. Hahahaha wow, that’s so cool, thank you for letting me know! 😀 How come you’re in touch with Misha? :O I’m glad he had someone to talk to over the weekend because we were on a trip to Masuria so he was alone most of the time. Olek fed him and stuff but mostly Misha was on his own. Perhaps he said that just because he missed me. 😀 Well no, I’m kidding, Misha never, ever lies.

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