Question of the day (11th June).

What is something you enjoy doing, but others don’t?

My answer:

I really like reading dictionaries, while it’s just flicking through them (with or without a specific purpose) or reading them as you would a novel. I find words extremely interesting and sensorily stimulating as I have several forms of lexical synaesthesia (lexical-tactile and lexical-gustatory). I don’t do it very often because accessibility of dictionaries isn’t very high as a general rule, I had a dictionary of foreign words/loanwords in Braille as a child but now no longer have it as it took up a lot of space that I could have used for other things, plus when I started to use technology more it became useless because if I’d really need to look up something in this dictionary it’s in public domain so I can very easily do it online. I also have some Swedish-Polish/Polish-Swedish dictionaries in normal print which I’ve also scanned so I can read them, but these scans are actually pretty bad and difficult to read so it’s often easier for me to go online and do research if I need to figure out some Swedish word and how it’s used. Then now that I have an iPhone I also have tons of English dictionaries on it, and a couple Welsh ones – one very detailed with all sorts of information you may need and quite confusing sometimes if you’re a learner, and the other a lot more concise. – But you can’t really go through a dictionary app on your phone as you can through an actual book, plus the Welsh ones are not overly friendly when you’re a screen reader user which is discouraging. Still, I do like reading/browsing through dictionaries when I can and I think I do it a lot more often than average, not just because I’m learning languages but out of plain curiosity.

You? ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Question of the day (11th June).”

  1. Finding needles in haystacks. Not literally, but I do enjoy being give a “can you find” or “can you research” projects and having no deadlines. I am known to travel down rabbit holes and lose myself for hours to find an answer. Often it is like a logic problem or puzzle. I find one tidbit, possible answer, and follow it, and the next, until I have formed a logical answer. Then, I write the opinion memorandum. I put all my little pieces together and present it to the questioner. So satisfying.

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  2. Probably a lot more folks enjoy the thing I’ll choose than don’t, but in my inner circle? Adult coloring. I love doing that, and almost nobody else I know IRL finds that satisfying. In fact, I get some odd looks if I mention I like to adult color. And some really bad jokes…

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    1. Wow, that’s sad that people in your surroundings don’t get it! While it seems to be very popular and like a lot of people enjoy it, now that I’m thinking of it, I don’t know anyone irl either who would do it.

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  3. I wish you had access to more dictionaries!! We’ve got the school for the blind right here in Louisville, and I think they publish stuff, I’ve been told! Maybe you could find websites with vocabulary words?

    Hmm….. well, I’ll go with woodworking. I mean, from what I understand, everyone else who enjoys it is an old man. But I like it! It’s fun, it’s creative, and it gives me a thrill to use my table saw, Blades of Glory. The sad thing is that I always hoped to make money at it, and that isn’t in the cards. But for the $1,700 or so that my table saw cost (it’s a safety saw with an automatic shutdown if you touch the blade, hence the expense), I’ve done way more than that in remodeling around the house. Paying someone else to do that would’ve run at least $5,000, I’d think. So there’s that.

    I want to get back into it, but the basement is a disaster zone. I need help getting it organized!! AAUGH. But you never know!!

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  4. I also enjoy the dictionary but the main thing I enjoy that others don’t is experiencing hardship. I used to think they were against me until I discovered the many gifts they offer. Now, I know that when things aren’t going great, I’m meant to grow.

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    1. That’s very interesting. I think it’s definitely a great thing about hardships that they make us grow and learn things, and they are sure necessary, but indeed I don’t think I know many people who would enjoy hardships for this reason. ๐Ÿ™‚

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