Question of the day.

How are you today? Is there anything you need to do, or are you taking it easy?

My answer:

Meh. Nothing exciting in Bibielland. Instead it’s going to be a rather ranty post, because honestly, this whole month has been pretty shitty for me mental health-wise, with bad depression, a lot of AVPD yuckiness, messed up sleep and a fair bit of anxiety of all sorts. And yesterday Jack the Ripper/Butcher has come for a visit (period), absolutely unusually timely for his standards. He’s also in a real ripper mood this time as it seems. I’m hoping that once he calms down, so will my brain, as much as it’s realistically possible. We’ll see. Anyways, today isn’t terrible brain-wise compared with the average over the last few weeks, and taking into account that I have only slept two hours last night I guess it’s actually pretty decent. I’ve been very Jack-achy, which is part of why I had trouble sleeping despite the painkillers, but partly it’s simply that, like I said, my sleep is generally all over the place right now and I haven’t been able to hard reset it. So I’m quite tired and my thinking is a bit sluggish, but thankfully I don’t have anything pressing to do today so I can do nothing, just chill with Misha. The Jack did me actually a bit of a favour, ’cause it was my cousin’s baby’s christening yesterday (Sofi’s the Godmother) and we originally weren’t supposed to go because my cousin and her hubby wanted to keep the amount of people invited to the minimum I think due to the pandemic, but then changed their mind the night before the event and decided that there won’t be just the Godparents and the grandparents but invited the rest of my family too. Now that was way too short notice for me for such a huge peopling situation, but then I’d feel awful if I wouldn’t go, so I am sincerely thankful for Jack that he extricated me out of this and gave me a more than good enough reason not to go, even though as a result I spent most of the day in bed, but I can handle physical pain better than people pain.

Like I said I have nothing super important to do that would necessarily need to be done today, although I’ve been working on some longer, two-part post about emetophobia as I see on Google Console a lot of people come to my blog looking for some tips about it, which I haven’t ever shared, but I like when people can find what they’re looking for when they happen to stumble upon my blog, and I have quite an extensive experience with emetophobia so thought I could do this. I am writing something that I want to both show my experience of it fully so that people can perhaps relate if they need it, and then I want to write about strategies that work or have worked for me, so that hopefully they’ll be useful. I’ve been writing this for over a month because I’ve had to take a lot of breaks throughout the process as I didn’t want to trigger myself too badly in the meantime which would be easy to do now that I haven’t been doing too well. So, today I’m having a lot of free time and I’m a bit miffed that I could theoretically do it and maybe even finish the whole thing today, but I have too little cognitive energy, and I have a feeling that it would be taking the word self-destructive to the next level – digging in your own phobias on two hours of sleep while having a period. – 😀 Probably wouldn’t be the best quality either, even if I have a big chunk written already.

How about you? How is your day going? 🙂


15 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I hope the Ripper backs off soon. Combining that and digging into phobia sounds like it’s best davoided.

    I don’t have much going on today. My brother is bringing my niece over for a visit a little later.

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  2. Yuck…Jack hasn’t been by to see me in years and I’m happy for it. I totally understand that peopling pain. Glad one good thing came out of Jack’s visit. As for me, well there is work. I am in several deadline crunches with 3 attorneys all needing something yesterday. I had some pretty crappy blood work results so my mental state is not so good. It is just a Monday…of a week with a full moon…with people on vacation.

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  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been struggling. I thankfully am on oral contraception and don’t do the pill-free week so no periods for me, yay! Before this, I used to have PMS pretty bad too.

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  4. Oh no, I’m sorry you’ve got all that going on!! Two hours of sleep would literally render me insane. I feel so sad for you!! I hope you can regulate it! I wish you had access to the drugs I take, because they keep me on a perfect sleep schedule! I sure hope things turn around!

    Hmm…. today I hope to go to the gym twice and… I’m not sure what else! Huh. I hope I can get more focused! We’ll find out!!

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    1. I definitely got to catch up on sleep last night, or should I say today, as I got over 12 hours now. 😀 That’s kind of good, as at least I’m not sleepy anymore, but sleeping this long doesn’t help to regulate things and sync yourself with the timezone you’re in, so it’s probably still gonna be all weird for a while sleep-wise.
      Yay, I hope your gym went well. 🙂

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      1. Ohhhh, yeah, it’s bittersweet that you overslept! You sure needed the sleep, but now you’ll worry about being up all night! At least you’re well-rested!! YAY! I’m happy for that!!

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    2. Yeah, that’s definitely a great thing. The good thing is that last night my sleep was more normal and similar to average people’s sleep, so it looks like it may be getting back to more or less regular, possibly without me needing to reset it in a bit way.

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