Question of the day.

Are you excited for the summer months?

My answer:

Meh, neither excited nor unexcited. I used to accord great importance to summer back when I was in school, especially at the blind school, ’cause summer obviously meant holidays and holidays obviously meant that I’d be at home for the whole two months, so I really looked forward to summer each year. Even later on when I was going to schools closer to home and was at home every day, I still kind of enjoyed the summer because of not having to go to school and deal with school work which I usually found rather boring and uninspiring and preferred to learn actually interesting things instead, and school socialising always drained me to some extend. Now I’m glad I don’t have to care that much about the time of year and actually summer is probably my least favourite season because my heat tolerance is not very high, I deal much better with cold temperatures, and the room I have now overheats in no time even with temperatures like we’ve been having this week, 19-25 C, because my window is west-facing. I got a blind put on it last year which helps to some degree, and this year I’m finally going to invest in some good AC, which I keep thinking of for a long time but now I’ve actually had an AC guy look at my room to figure out what will be the best location for installing it and I think I’ll have it in a few weeks’ time. This overheating thing is a real downside to our current house, and I’m not gonna change rooms any time soon. Even if I wanted/could swap rooms with one of my siblings, their rooms are east-facing instead, which is kind of better because they only heat up for the morning and then they cool down, whilst my room starts heating up in very early afternoon and normally won’t cool down until late evening, but at the same time the idea of waking up in an overheated room is not very tempting to me at all and I’d be afraid that it would trigger more migraines for me, or even if not, it feels so icky to wake up and feel like you’re roasting. šŸ˜€ I can see that it definitely doesn’t have good influence on Sofi as she’s lousy in the mornings now, has trouble waking and getting up, and when she has her classes online, she usually does the first hour from her bed, half-asleep, and I don’t think she retains a lot of what she’s learning this way. šŸ˜€ Other than that, I just don’t like the idea of changing my room because aside from the heat problem, it’s the best room in this house, for me anyway.

How about you? šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’m not very good with heat, either. I like that it’s mostly sunny in the summer, and luckily where I live there’s usually only a couple of weeks when it gets really uncomfortably hot.

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  2. I have a freestanding AC that’s on my bedroom floor and vents out the window. It’s better and safer than the in-window installation version! I’m glad you’re going to invest in some good AC! My dad bought me mine a few years ago because it gets hot up here despite the house’s AC. There are three or four vents up here, but it still gets hot. It amazes me that Europeans are more capable of dealing with hot weather without using AC. Like, when I visited Sonya the first time it was October, and I was burning up! I kept thinking, geez, what if I’d visited in the actual summertime?! I’d be unable to cope! She had a fan and open windows! šŸ˜€ I’m so spoiled!

    I’m definitely excited about summertime!! It’s not my favorite season, but I do like it! Maybe I can go swimming sometime. Who knows? I think it’ll be a great summer!!

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    1. I had a portable AC last summer, but it kept breaking all the time, and hummed even louder than my computer (which is very notorious for humming quite loud so that Sofi says my room sounds like a laboratory šŸ˜€ ), so finally had to throw it away.
      Yeah, I’ve seriously been wondering why AC is not a standard here in Europe, it should be. But still, it sounds really strange that it would be THIS hot in October here in central Europe! I can’t recall anything like that here although last summer was really brain-frying.
      Swimming is great! I’m not great at it but I like it anyway, and we really like going to the sea and of course we’re lucky as we have a river in the backyard.

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  3. I look forward to Summer because my daughter and I get to celebrate our birthday together and I have more chances to get outside without my nerves being frazzled. I could do without the heat but I know I’ll feel the love.

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