Daughters of Reykjavik ft. Asdis Maria – “D.R.U.S.L.A.” (S.L.U.T).

Hi people! 🙂

On my recent quest to find some interesting Icelandic music, preferably in Icelandic, I came across Daughters of Reykjavik quite early on. They are a nine-piece female hip-hop group who are all, as you can easily figure out, from Reykjavik. The group has had a lot of changes over the years though so over time a lot more young women have been involved in it than just nine, but there is always nine of them at a given time. They’re known as Reykjavikurdatur in their home country, but they also aspire to achieve international fame (which seems to be going well for them) and thus are known as Daughters of Reykjavik abroad.

They have very strong views on things and I’ve found I don’t always agree with them or not fully. I haven’t been able to find a complete translation of this particular song, so I don’t know what exactly they’re saying, but the general message of it is something I definitely do agree with – they want an end to rape culture, and thus victim blaming and slut shaming. – Therefore, even if I don’t understand exactly what they’re singing and don’t know if we agree in EVERy single thing here,, I thought it could still be interesting to share this piece because of the general purpose it serves, as well as because it’s simply very well done musically, and – well, be honest with me – how often do you hear Icelandic female hip-hop groups? 😀

In this piece, they’re joined by Asdis, also known as Asdis Maria or Asdis Maria Viðarsdóttir, known for representing Iceland at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song “Amor”.

2 thoughts on “Daughters of Reykjavik ft. Asdis Maria – “D.R.U.S.L.A.” (S.L.U.T).”

    1. I know Kaleo and I absolutely love this song, it’s so haunting! 🙂 I will check out Solstafir as well, thanks so much for the suggestion. 🙂
      While I haven’t discovered a whole lot of Icelandic music yet and what I have discovered is mostly pop stuff or similar, , in general, regardless of language, I am also much more accustomed to folk music, folk being one of my favourite genres, and I hardly ever listen to hip-hop unless it’s in some interesting language or has a message that speaks to me.

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