Question of the day.

Do you prefer dogs or cats?

My answer:

I guess my answer’s going to be quite obvious for most of my followers, if not all of them. Yes, I prefer cats. I feel a lot more in common with them and I feel I can understand them better than dogs and interacting with them is a lot easier. That’s not to say that I don’t like dogs though. I absolutely do. We have Jocky, after all, and when I grew up we always had some dog, or more than one sometimes, which was not the case with cats. Well, okay, we had a lot of them running in the backyard, but only had one indoor cat before Misha for a while, with whom I didn’t have much of a connection because, a lot like Misha, he was more on the aloof side, and since I spent most of the time at the boarding school, naturally he didn’t have enough time to get to know me, nor did I know him well enough. Still, just like I said, overall, if I have to choose, I’d always choose cats.

You? πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Dogs. Cats are too ‘high maintenance’ (no offense to cat owners). But any animal is my favorite. Well, except maybe monkeys. Monkeys creep me out. πŸ˜‰ And guinea pigs are SO CUTE too! Ashley has a point!

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  2. HA HA! Yeah, I wasn’t too surprised by your answer! πŸ˜€ And why not? Misha is a very special pussycat!!

    Hmm… cats require less care, but doggies offer so much more affection based on the fact that they’re bigger and can hug you in a way a small animal can’t. LuLu sleeps next to me in bed every night like an actual person, as weird as that seems. It makes me feel so happy, since we all know I’d love to have a husband but I’m perpetually single. But little Mr. Kitty is such a sweet kitty!! I can’t decide!

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    1. There’s definitely a big difference between the kind of affection you get from a cat vs a dog. My Mishmish is a lot smaller than your LuLu of course, but I can relate to you in that a pet can make you happier as a single, even if it works in a slightly different way for me. I’m not unhappy being single at all and don’t feel the need to change it, but Misha makes me even more happy and fulfilled and even more sure that I love being single and sharing my bed just with him! πŸ˜€

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  3. At one point, I had five cats. To this day, I still wish I could have a houseful of cats, but, according to that annoying scratch test the allergist gave me, I am allergic. I miss my cats. Now, I have a dog as I am not allergic (weird, right?). But despite loving my dog to pieces, he is a lot more work than all five cats. So I guess to answer the question, I would have to honestly say I prefer cats to dogs.

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    1. Five cats! πŸ™‚ That’s so cool! I am allergic to cats too, and usually it’s quite bad, but strangely with Misha I experience hardly any symptoms. My allergist says it’s autosuggestion. πŸ˜€ Whatever works…

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