Question of the day.

What was the last time you were in a bad mood?

My answer:

Bad mood is quite a relative thing with mental illness I think. 😀 But I guess I could say I was in a bad mood yesterday evening, when I was feeling quite blue for no apparent reason really, or at least it’s not known to me, and also Stinky Maggie – my inner critic – had a lot to say and was super snarky. Today things are okay and pretty normal.

You? Also, for those of you who struggle with any mental health issues, is it easy/possible for you to distinguish between your symptoms and a simple bad mood? 🙂 I’m curious because for me, while I can definitely say when I’m in a good mood, it really is difficult to differentiate between what’s the illness and what’s a bad mood. I guess it’s bound to be tricky when you have a mood disorder like depression for example.


14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Very good question. I rarely get just in a bad mood. Almost always it seems to be connected to my mental issues. Something small will trigger me – a look, traffic, coffee not quite right – and then I start with the conversations in my head and those little issues become a full blown pissy mood. In therapy, I have been told not to let the little issues fester and to speak up. I have the right to my feelings. But, literally these things are so minuscule they are embarrassing to bring up. “Waaaah, I put a drop too much stevia in my coffee and it was too sweet”. First world problems right? But that little incident is usually followed by stubbing my toe, dropping my purse, all of which is suddenly a GINORMOUS inconvenience and by the time I drive the 45 minutes to work, I am totally unfit for human interaction. Then, heaven help my poor unsuspecting husband if he doesn’t send me an “I love you” text that day. Yeah…my moods are definitely mental.

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    1. It’s really shitty the way it works, that when one thing goes wrong almost everything else seems to follow. I think it must be all the more difficult when it’s even such mini things like that coffee you mentioned that can affect your mood a lot when they add up. I’m like this sometimes too but it’s mostly around my period or something. It would be kind of awkward and impractical indeed talking to people about all such first world problems whenever they occur.

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  2. That’s a deep question about bad moods versus mental-illness issues! Very interesting! I want to ponder the concept in depth! But the last bad mood was when I had to get off the treadmill because of my calves. When I got home, I was beyond demoralized, and my dad couldn’t make a dent in it, and then there was ugly crying and I fell sound asleep. Interestingly, I’m never able to fall asleep at bedtime without my Seroquel, so when I woke up a few hours later at 1:30 AM, it occurred to me, wow, I wasn’t really that upset. Or I was, but the issue was that I was flat-out exhausted. Elsewise, I wouldn’t have cried myself to sleep without the Seroquel. And so it is an interesting issue of bad moods versus mental problems or, in my case, fatigue and exhaustion (which often mess up my moods quite a bit). It’s all so helplessly interconnected!!

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    1. It is really an interesting topic for sure and definitely worth some deeper diving into it.
      Fatigue can definitely affect mood a lot, that’s true for me too, and it’s funny sometimes how you can have a totally different view on things before getting some restorative sleep vs after.

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  3. I’m perceived to be in a bad mood when I concentrate hard to sort what’s happening to me. Others assume they can help but I end up lashing out because I know I need to hear me and their attempts prevent me from hearing.
    This can happen at any time and I know it’s part of my growth. Good mood for others returns when I feel whole with my understanding.

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  4. My dad called this morning to say he was gonna drop by…and my mood went splat. Amd it is not just mood,he makes my anxiety shoot up too,with his constant criticism.
    Some people really should have to wear a biohazard sign.

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