Question of the day.

When was the last time you did something you really didn’t want to do?

My answer:

Today early in the morning. Misha slept with me, which has been less often than usual the last few months, he prefers to sleep in here during the day, and I guess I really fell out of the habit of waking up quite early – like 4-5 AM, sometimes even 3, occasionally a bit later than that – to his “Hhrrru?”-ing because he wants to be let out. I would just get up almost on autopilot and open the door for him so he could go out when he wasn’t sleepy anymore. I’m generally a pretty heavy sleeper once I fall asleep properly, but my brain got so used to Misha’s hhrru?s that this was the sound which would wake me up right away. I guess kind of like when you have a baby and you hear it crying, after some time you automatically wake up when you hear this sound. Of course, I could just not have the problem at all and always leave the door to my room open so he could go in and out as he pleased, but I really dislike sleeping with the door open, it’s not enough privacy for me, and, really, I never minded him waking me up like that. It was really pleasant to hear and see him first thing in the morning, cuddle him a little if he was up to it and I wasn’t too sleepy, and I love this little “Hhrrru?” sound, it’s a perfect start to the day. After all, I can just let him out and fall right back to sleep again, it’s such a short time that it doesn’t throw me out of my sleep completely.

But, now that like I said he’s been sleeping less regularly here and not very frequently, my brain is no longer so used to it I guess and it really takes him time to get through to me, and it feels a lot more unpleasant than previously to actually get out of bed and do it, even though I know I can go right back to it afterwards. And also today I’ve been feeling kind of low, as my mood appears to be slowly going down after being really good for such a long time, as you may recall. I’m not what I would call properly depressed, but just a bit low for no apparent reason, and I guess that made it more difficult for me too, to actually get going.

How about you? 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Broken sleep sucks so much…colors your whole day…I feel for you…

    As for my answer…also today. Work is killing me with a whole boatload of things-I-dont-wanna-do. Fear that comes with the territory tho…

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    1. I think I must be quite used to broken sleep, as it happens to me pretty regularly and normally doesn’t phase me very much. Today I got to catch up on my sleep properly though.
      That’s yucky that you have to deal with so much stuff at work that you don’t like doing.


  2. I have not done it yet but I need to mow my football field sized yard. It was 35 degrees when I woke up so the last thing I want to do is go outside and push a mower around for 4 hours. I want warm Fort Blankie. But if I want to ward off a visit from my dad and his crew,it has to get done.
    Just wish the weather would stop this mixed episode of freezing in the mornings yet not really warming up during the day. The chill in the air is not telling me it is spring so my energy level is nil.

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  3. Oh Misha! Why’d you do it, little puss? Why’d you do it? 😮

    I went to the gym twice yesterday as per usual, but both workouts were killers. I got new shoes that fit better, but they’re too heavy, so now I’m getting shin splints. Last night’s workout was torture. It’s just that I’m too stubborn to quit. Like how often am I on a fitness kick? I can’t lose momentum! AAUGH!!

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  4. I am swamped at work so I can’t write my own blog post, but my answer is also today. There is one attorney that is just so two-faced and superior I find it hard to maintain composure around him lately. He is the all important one in the office (so he thinks) and anyway, today he asked me to put on my to-do list accompanying him to a hearing so I can click on a link to play a video. Um…excuse me? I do NOT work for you…at all…ever. YOU have two paralegals of your very own. I am sorry neither of your paras feel confident to “point and click” but I am juggling six attorneys myself. So, having to maintain composure and not lose it on him was what I did today that I did not want to do. I wanted to say “are you out of your **#&ing” mind? or “yeaaaaahhhhhh, that’s a no for me.”

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