Question of the day.

What is something that is annoying/frustrating you?

My answer:

Mostly, I’m waiting for something, something that is generally positive (or at least I hope it’ll end up so but I can’t be sure) and waiting for it to happen is a very long and stressful process. Perhaps I wouldn’t exactly describe it as annoying, but it is making me feel a bit on edge lately, and all the tension that is building around it in my brain.

I’m also frustrated with people who make good apps but make them inaccessible. Just because I’ve been seeing a lot of such stuff lately.

And it seems that Misha isn’t feeling fully well, he acts as if he had a sore throat or something, but it’s impossible to look in there for anyone. It frustrates me when we can’t help Misha because he’s so anxious. Not that long ago we also had a situation where we felt it would be good if Misha had a urine test to check on his kidneys because he had a time when he was drinking way more than normally, and it was virtually impossible to do. The vet gave Mum some different litter to put instead of his usual one, that in fact wasn’t really litter but something that was supposed to cheat a cat into believing that it is and then make the process of testing a urine sample more doable. Well, maybe it works for other cats, but Misha is definitely a creature of habit and he absolutely didn’t like having his litter changed. We were hoping it was a matter of time and he’d have to pee at some point, but he wouldn’t pee for an entire day, instead being very erratic and nervous because he didn’t feel like he could do this at all. And no, he didn’t pee outside his loo either, it would be unthinkable for him to do, even if he’s in the greatest possible distress, I guess, he’ll never pee somewhere random. So we never ended up doing the test, but thankfully Misha’s drinking habits got back to normal.

How about you? πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh no, I hope Misha’s okay!! Yeah, he saw through those litter-box shenanigans! πŸ˜€ Smart kitty!!

    Hmm… annoyance or frustration… I’m annoyed with myself right now because I meant to bring my little music player up here for two reasons: to charge it (it died at the gym yesterday) and to add new tunes, if I can afford any. But did I do that? No, it’s still downstairs, and I can’t really go back to the gym until it’s charged. AAUGH!! Erck.

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    1. Yeah seriously, Misha’s always very smart with things like these, he’s extremely difficult to cheat in any way. The good thing is that he seems to be feeling a lot better today, if not completely well, at least as far as I can tell. He’s a lot chirpier.
      Uhhh, I hate forgetting to charge stuff!

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  2. I paid quite a bit of money for a car repair in February. They had to order in a part and assured me it would be a couple of weeks before the part arrived. It’s now April 1st and no phone call, no part (I guess). I’m just as frustrated with myself for being indolent and not chasing down the twit who was supposed to do the work. I’m thinking of asking for my money back too!

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