Question of the day.

If you could take a pill every day that perfectly replicated a good night’s sleep – made you feel physically refreshed and chemically balanced, like a real sleep – would you take it every day? What would you do with all that newly acquired time?

My answer:

I probably wouldn’t want to take it every day, because I love my sleep and dreaming and all that, but, if that was an option to do so, I’d probably take it once in a while. Sometimes I could use a longer day, to be able to squeeze more things in. Not because I’m that busy on a typical day, I just have a lot of ideas and things that I’m into, while at the same time being quite disorganised in general so having more time for things would sometimes be helpful. Also sometimes I don’t like sleep, like when I have a lot of yucky dreams or sleep paralysis or something, then I have a sort of mild fear of sleep until things go back to more normal. I could use such a sleep pill in such situations and just not have to bother with sleeping. Other times, sleep is just not refreshing or chemically balancing, so I’d take the pill after waking up to be more functional. Or when I’m a zombie and haven’t slept at all the night before. Or if I just wouldn’t feel like sleeping, wouldn’t be sleepy at all. That would be a fabulous invention if we had such a pill. Only I’m fairly sure that since it would have such a major effect on one’s overall state and affect the brain, which is still quite an unknown territory for us, it would probably come with its fair share of side effects and possibly addiction or some sleep dysregulation. Wouldn’t be surprised at all.

How about you? And what do you think about this idea? Would such a pill work out, if it was a real possibility? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. What a fun question! Hmm… I’ve been wrestling with similar issues lately: should I take less Seroquel to lose weight (ideally), even though I can’t sleep soundly through the night without it? (And I come undone in the absense of good sleep.) So your question is interesting, like, hey, you no longer need sleep, this pill will make you feel rested! Huh.

    Like you, I love my dreams and the experience of being asleep. I’m of the belief that we need sleep and dreams in order to process whatever we’ve recently experienced during the previous day. But if a pill could actually achieve that… hmm… I think I’d choose to take it, at least temporarily, because I really do want to lower dependence on Seroquel for weight loss. So, sure, sign me up!!

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    1. Such a pill would seriously be useful. 🙂 And this would be really cool if it also would have that benefit that sleep has, that it would somehow help us process things. I don’t really know how it should work, but it would be cool.

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