Question of the day.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve seen your pet do?

My answer:

I didn’t see it personally, only heard about it from Mum, but I think Misha’s record in the stupid category was one winter when Mum let him out for a little bit on the terrace, and then he climbed on the terrace roof, and from there on the house roof, as he loves to be as high as possible. There were magpies though, lots of them, or perhaps they were seagulls, I can’t remember now, we have a lot of both round here and they love to taunt both Jocky and Misha when they get a chance, and as Misha was high up there on the roof they were all behaving rather aggressively towards him, yelling at him and quite clearly wanting to scare or provoke him. Misha, despite his very fearful nature, is also a real idealist and romantic at heart, always dreaming of being a hero and breaking free out of here some day, becoming famous as the bravest and most valiant cat in history. So when he gets a chance to actually make his dream come true, in the first impulse, he tries his best, and, as we’d say in Polish, wants to conquer the Moon with a spade, that is do something which isn’t really possible for him to do given the abilities he has, or rather, doesn’t have. He wanted to deal with all those birds on his own and was really determined and extremely courageous, but every time he’d try go further up the roof, he’d fall back down where he was, together with a huge layer of snow that was lying there, meanwhile all the birds were yelling and laughing at him more and more frantically seeing his desperate attempts at showing them who’s the king. Finally I guess he ended up feeling too threatened by all the fuss they were making around him, and discouraged by all his vein attempts at getting closer to them, plus surely he must have been freezing, which is not something he’s used to to begin with and it was a really cold day, so, defeated, he turned away from the birds and came back to Mum who kept calling him all that time, both scared that Misha’s plan might end up being successful and really amused at the whole scene, which surely must have looked really funny when you were there. πŸ˜€

Thank God for the snow, and for the intimidating magpies/seagulls, or otherwise this would probably be a much less funny story, and probably filled with a lot more adrenaline for us, if not tragic. As it was, the worst thing that happened to Misha as a result was a but, albeit short, case of sneezes.

How about your pets? πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. One of my cats climbed into the trash and got a soup can stuck on her head. Then she jumped out and stumbled around with that can still on her head. It was both hilarious and face palm,this cat is not right brightπŸ˜›

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  2. My old cat Fido would climb up a tree till he couldn’t get any higher and then he was too afraid to get down. I couldn’t reach him, and the neighbor wouldn’t leave me aloe till he was down.

    Did this every time he got out, and he was really good at getting out of the house.

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    1. Uh, he really must have been quite a handful! My Mish does the same thing, only thankfully not with trees, but with cupboards and other high places in the house – he’ll go as high up as only possible and then cry because he’s too scared of going down. –

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  3. Oh, Misha, you daredevil!! Naughty puss!!

    Well, the worst thing was something that happened to my Sammy Samson. As a pup, he ate his puppy training pad. This pad was two feet by two feet square, which might have given it a diagonal length of over two-and-a-half feet, I’m thinking. So… [shudders]… he ate it, and while we were walking him, he started to, uh, poop it, but he couldn’t get it out, so my dad grabbed the corner of it and pulled, and as I watched on in horror, the whole pad came out of his ass like pulling colorful threads from a clown’s costume. People were pulling up to the nearby red light, pointing, and laughing. I pretty much wanted to die on the spot, as you can imagine. But now it makes me laugh. Almost.

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