Question of the day.

What is a scary or horrifying fact that shouldn’t be true, but is?

My answer:

That people vomit! Most of them once a year or more often, and almost everyone at least once in their lifetime. Cats also vomit twice as often as people I guess, insanely frequently anyway! Even Misha, as special as he is, throws up like once a month, he even did last week. For me, this is all scary.

You? ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I wish I could help make your phobia less scary for you! Whenever I vomit (which is practically never–don’t worry), I’m just like, oh well, I need a drink. But I think for you, there should be a… hmm…. like a massive reward for surviving it? Like, here’s a hundred dollars… shopping spree!! You know? Any chance your parents could help out with something like that? It would make them the best!!

    Hmm… a scary or horrifying fact that shouldn’t be true but is… I’m similary terrified of burning alive but then not dying. Like, great, I’m trapped on the burn unit with no skin, and I’m all crispy. Huh. Phobias. Such an event would also require a massive shopping spree, come to think of it. Maybe we just need more shopping sprees?

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