Llio Rhydderch – “Gwenllian”.

Hey guys! 🙂

I’ve shared a few tracks from this amazing Welsh triple harpist with you already, and I thought that, finally, I’d love to share with you one of my favourite pieces by her, the title track from her album Gwenllian, especially that I’ve already shared one piece from this album with you.

You know that I generally love harp, be it the “normal” Celtic harp or Welsh triple harp or almost any kind of harp, and you also know that I love Llio Rhydderch’s music ever since I’ve first heard it. But this album is really special to me for some reason. I learned about Llio quite late considering how long I’d already been into both harp music and Welsh music in general, through one of my faza people – Gwilym Bowen Rhys. – I love exploring new harp music and, as it happened, Gwenllian was the first album of Llio that I started listening to and this was my first contact with her music. I was having a shitty time emotionally and I found her music so extremely soothing. Not just relaxing – although you could most certainly say that her music is relaxing, but it’s not only relaxing and it’s surely not the primary intend behind it – heartening and replenishing are the words that come to my mind in relation to her music.

I don’t have very many albums to which I’d always listen as a whole, in the right order, but Gwenllian is one of them. Alongside my faza subjects and some other music, it’s my go-to listen when I feel emotionally overwhelmed or just need to go inside my own Brainworld for a while. Llio’s music is great for that because while she creates some kind of a realm of her own with it, you can go with the flow and follow it, or it can help you find the way to go inside yourself.

The title track of this album is by far my favourite (even just because it’s so long, like it’s never going to end and leave you alone, and as you already know I love as long solo harp pieces as possible because I always crave more harp music 😀 ).

In my last Weekend Coffee Share that I did on here, I mentioned that I was reading The Brothers of Gwynedd quartet by Edith Pargeter, which my penfriend recommended to me – about the Welsh prince Llywelyn the Last. – The Gwenllian here, she was his daughter. I loved listening to this album in the background when reading that series. Apparently, Llio Rhydderch has quite a close connectioon to princess Gwenllian, as from what I’ve read Llio lives close to where Gwenllian lives. It’s also interesting that Llio is originally a diminutive of Gwenllian. 😀

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