Question of the day.

Does your family have any dark secrets?

My answer:

Well, can’t think of anything particularly murky, aside from things which aren’t really suitable to be discussed publicly πŸ˜€ but one thing that comes to my mind that is a bit of a mystery and that isn’t obvious to everyone in the family is that, actually, we don’t know when is my grandma’s birthday. And neither does she. The reason is very trivial. She was bornn in the late 40’s in Russia, some time in autumn, no one remembered when exactly, not even a close date, which to me is a bit weird, and apparently it was extremely freezing. Her dad was supposed to go register her, but it was so cold that he kept putting it off, as there was quite a distance from their house to the register office. Whenn he finally did it, it was well after New Year and no less cold but he just probably must have felt pressured to finally do it. He knew that he’d be in trouble for saying that he’d been waiting so long with registering his little daughter, so when they asked him about her birth date, he said 2nd January off the top of his head. And that’s when my grandma always celebrates her birthday, but it is not her actual birthday. I don’t know what you have to do to forget your baby’s birth so effectively – I guess people had greater and more important things on their minds back then than we do now and a lot more problems – but her parents just didn’t remember when exactly that happened and never told her. Not that it matters to her, or anyone else. It’s just quite funny. Usually people just know that her birthday is January 2, and, quite understandably, she rarely tells people the whole story.

You? πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Few people know that my half brother was conceived while my dad was still married to my mom. It is no dark secret,they all moved towns after the divorce and never really talked about it.
    I talk about it to others simply because that ninny he hooked up with calls herself my mother. She is two years younger than me,grr. Drives me nuts how her and my dad are viewed as pillars of the community after what they did to my mom.

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  2. Nothing that I can think of. But an interesting factoid is that when my great grandfather came to Canada, he changed his last name, but the original name was the same as the current leader of the Hezbollah. I don’t think we’re related to the terrorists, though.

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  3. Ohhhh yeah, baby, we’ve got some dark secrets. The only one that’s not too scandalous to share is this: Granny Franny got married and had my mom (her first child) when she was nineteen. Now, here’s the weird thing. Mommy was born, like, eight or nine months after the wedding. I have absolutely no freakin’ clue what was up with that, but you have to wonder. Everyone in my family has both downplayed it and tiptoed around it, but not to the point that it wasn’t shared with me. I ought to ask my mom if there’s more to the story. I mean, I’m hardly scandalized, but Granny Franny told me that everyone else was scandalized, and that it was a huge deal back then. She also hated the word “bastard” as an expletive. Not sure if there’s a connection there, or if she herself was born out of wedlock. (She and her siblings were moved into a foster family at some point and then adopted by their foster parents.)

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    1. Aaah yeah, we actually have a bit of a similar story in my extended family, πŸ˜€ I didn’t even think of that when writing this post. Whether it is scandalous/morally inappropriate or not, I think people really pay too much attention to such things, also by tiptoeing around them and increasing the tension and curiosity unnecessarily.

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