Camille and Kennerly – “Ballad Of The Goddess (From The Legend Of Zelda).

Hey people! 🙂

I’ve shared a lot of harp music with you over the last year, but so far still haven’t shared anything from this very interesting harp duo, so now is the time.

Camille and Kennerly Kitt – also known as The Harp Twins – are, you guessed it, twins, identical twins, who both play harp and have been immensely dedicated to it since ann early age. They are American but have a lot of Scandinavian ancestry. They have a YouTube channel where they post their music, which is mainly instrumental covers of soundtracks or popular songs or the like. And they’re really good at it. They seem to have a very wide audience judging from how a lot of people apparently know them and from how many subscribers they have, so it’s really fun that they popularise the harp a bit.

This is their rendition of “Ballad Of The Goddess” from the Legend of Zelda, which I totally love!

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