BrunuhVille – “Celtic Love Song”.

Hi guys! 🙂

Today I’m just sharing a bit of a random song with you that I came across some months ago when looking for more music featuring harp that I could add to my Bibiel’s Playlist For Sleep on Spotify, and this was one of the songs that ended up catching my attention. It has a bit of a modern Celtic feel, while I generally prefer the more traditional and folklore-infused things, but it’s still really pleasant to listen to and I think many of you may enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “BrunuhVille – “Celtic Love Song”.”

  1. Hey there!! How’re you? I miss your questions of the day and coffee hours, so I figured I’d stop by!! I hope you’re doing well! I’m enjoying the early springtime weather here (but spring comes in starts and fits, so winter will likely return). We walked LuLu and got bogged down by a million puddles! Well, LuLu’s a puddle stomper! She enjoyed herself. I hope Misha’s doing well!!

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    1. It’s really nice and spring-like here too, but Sofi claims that it’s going to snow later in the week so who knows. Hahaha, that’s nice that LuLu had a pleasant walk in the puddles. 🙂
      I’ve just done my language learning session so my brain is steaming, which is great, and now am going to have some lunch I think. Misha’s been asleep extremely soundly ever since I started learning. 🙂

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