Question of the day.

What’s your favourite animal? 🙂

My answer:

Misha, of course! Well, I like all cats, but Misha is obviously my favourite animal of all. I also really love horses since I’ve been riding for a large part of my life.

You? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Well, aside from loving my pets, my favorite type of animal is the flamingo! 😀 They’re whimsical, pink, and funny-looking!! I love a flamingo!! Aerosmith sings about them in their song, “Pink”.

    You could be my flamingo
    ‘Cause pink is the new kinda lingo
    Pink, it’s the color of passion
    ‘Cause today it just goes with the fashion
    I want to be your lover
    I want to wrap you in rubber
    As pink as the sheets that we lay on
    ‘Cause pink is my favorite crayon!

    That cracks me up. Ode to Pink by Aerosmith.

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  2. the Dog. Any dog, I’m the quintessential ‘dog’ person. Now having stated my preference, the reality is that I love all animals, admire them, and wish they could be treated better. Mankind is their largest enemy, and is so thoughtless and cruel oftentimes, that we drive species to extinction. The latest casualty of the war is the White Rhinoceros. It’s horrifying that such beautiful creatures can’t be allowed to exist and co–habitate with ‘man’ peacefully.

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  3. ack you ask such hard questions 🙂 so yup i love so many i love all birds but my wee quails i adore but i want an axolotl i love them! cats are an obvious along with dogs but i love cayotes they are just excellent, and foxes i love foxes i watch saveafox and it always makes me smile and hedgehogs i love them!, ok before i name half the animal kingdom i shall wish you a wonderful evening, respect ps i am definitely getting an axolotl

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