If We Were Having Coffee… #WeekendCoffee Share

Oh my, I haven’t done a Weekend Coffee Share in quite some time!

Since the last time I participated, we have a new host, who is

Natalie (thank you so much for hosting 🙂 ).

If you would also like to join in on your own blog, go over to her post, where you’ll find the link-up.

So we can consider this coffee share a bit special, because it was Misha’s birthday on Saturday (he is 5 now and I’m still in a deep shock, especially that it’s apparently 36 in human years, is 36 middle age? :O ), and then it was my birthday on Monday (I’m 24 now in case you’re curious 😀 ). Also, this is my first coffee share ever since I’ve found my new

faza subject

which I was waiting for to happen for a long time, so I’m now in a nice faza peak, and I think a new faza does deserve a Weekend Coffee Share to be celebrated with, even though I probably won’t be talking much about my faza as such in this post. In case you don’t know but are curious, his name is Jacob Elwy and you can read more


We don’t really have a huge variety of drinks right now, I’ve even run out of kefir, but we do have the usual black coffee and quite a lot of teas, so if you like some interesting teas, especially herbal, you’ll probably be able to find something cool for yourself, or you can bring your own drink and let us know what you’re having or contribute to the coffee share and share with people.

Because it was my birthday, I’ve got loads and loads of candies that I’m happy to share with you all, things like gummy bears or Toffifee or various chocolates. Just about an hour ago, I got some crisps from Olek, so perhaps I can share with you if you ask me very nicely. Sofi claims he must consider me very cool for some reason or something, because she didn’t get anything from him, nor did anyone else, he just bought himself an energy drink and crisps for me, according to her investigation. 😀 Wow, I feel honoured, wonder what makes me so cool! 😀 Or if you need something more substantial we have a lot of chicken. Or, again, you can bring something yourself and share with people if you feel like it.

So if everyone has some yummy food and drink and a comfy place, let’s start our coffee share properly, shall we?

If we were having coffee, I’d ask each of you how you’ve been doing…? 🙂

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, despite I was having some situational stressors last week and at the beginning of this week (to do with my birthday, which is usually quite a stressor for me and even this year, with the pandemic, I couldn’t escape all the peopling), I’ve been feeling quite well lately mood- and mental health-wise. In fact, I had a lot of peopling to deal with, and yes, it was difficult and overwhelming, and I especially don’t like it around my birthday because then the attention is focused on me way more than normal and I just hate it, it usually makes me feel so overloaded that it happened a few times already that I would end up self-harming on my birthday after having had done it in months and being very proud of it, which was obviously quite disheartening, if nothing else. This time, I’m even more proud that it didn’t happen and despite all the yuckiness and even some really quite nasty situations with my family along the way that I perhaps better won’t be describing here in detail, it was manageable. Misha helped me a lot, and obviously the fact that I’m in a faza peak so everything feels easier, better and what not. Right now I’m having a period and while I’m feeling quite crappy physically, I haven’t have particularly bad PMS symptoms which I often do have. Oh and what some of you may already know, my migraines have mysteriously stopped like three weeks ago, where previously, for the last few months I’d been having at least one per week. I did have a slight tension headache the day before Jack the Ripper aka Jack the Butcher (which is how I affectionately call my period, in case you don’t know) came, but that’s normal and it didn’t make me non-functional. And my Welsh learning is going great. So, yay, good news from Bibiel land!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that it’s been frrrreezing this week! Which I’m happy with, except for the fact that it makes it very slippery which is annoying when your balance is shitty to begin with, but I don’t have to go out much now so it’s not a huge problem. It’s also been snowing so much that even Sofi’s fed up with it. I’ve heard that in some regions of Poland it could get as cold as -30 C (-22 F apparently), although I don’t know where exactly. Sounds exciting to me! Well, definitely way better than +30, so I won’t be complaining if it’ll be the case for us, although my Mum is missing spring. Spring is great, but summer not so much for me, so I’m appreciating it when it’s cooler. Misha is totally fascinated with the snow and likes to watch it longingly through the window. Sofi took him outside once and gave him a snow bath. I was worried that, because he doesn’t go out at all normally, he’d get sick or something. Physically he managed it really well (I guess he has this Russian fur for a reason after all), but he seemed not quite his own self and very jittery for the rest of the day and I think he had quite an emotional shock from being let out, even though it wasn’t much longer than a minute.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that yesterday, my parents finally bought a camper van. You may or may not know that it’s been my Dad’s life-long dream to have a camper van and he’s been entertaining these visions of himself being in retirement and driving through the world. We’d always taken it with a grain of salt, because he’s the type of dreamer who just gets stuck on the dreaming part, but for some reason doesn’t seem to want to accept it and at the same time will never admit it to himself that he won’t take it any further than dreaming and hoping. Or at least, so we thought. Also he is always very stressed and it just seemed very incongruent with his personality that suddenly he’d be wandering the world with no purpose, spontaneously and with no hurry. That’s something that perhaps my Mum could do – being very spontaneous, impulsive, living in the moment and following her dreams – but she wouldn’t either, because she feels better at home. Also it always made us laugh, because my Dad is a tanker driver, so he is driving all the time, and always whining about it when he has to travel somewhere far, and then he wants to spend even his retirement years driving even further. But, at some point it really came to that Dad started seriously looking for a camper van to buy. Something used and as cheap as possible, of course, but still. It was a huge step forward. We all observed it from a bit of a distance, with a lot of interest but no hopes or anything, because while it sure would be fun to travel in a camper van sometimes, neither of us is so crazy about it as he is, perhaps Sofi a bit.

Then he started actually contacting sellers, travelling to see various vehicles, but it seemed like he had some bad luck with it really and he had several situations where he’d arrange with a seller that he’d come see his camper van at such and such time, and then at the last minute he’d learn that it was sold, or he’d travell the whole country with the rain pouring all the way back and forth just to see something that looked way worse than on the pictures. Sometimes in turn he’d have some really good offers almost right in front of his nose, and would turn them down for no apparent reason, and continued to kill his free time by scrolling through camper vans for sale. We started thinking that he actually indeed does prefer dreaming, and may be afraid of achieving this dream or something. Sofi was a bit disappointed, Mum was a bit condescending, a bit amused but mostly neutral, and I could understand it a bit that now he was so close to achieving this, perhaps he was having second thoughts, for some reason, maybe because now he could also see that he is not suited for the life he was imagining.

And finally, he found some quite a bit more expensive camper van that he really liked, and earlier this week suddenly I hear that they – he and Mum of course – are going by train all the way to Silesia to see a new camper van. At this point, if they were going by train, and not by car or with someone else as another driver, I knew that things have developed seriously, because who would go see something to the other end of a country rising at half past 3 AM to do this, and then go back home with nothing. Even if it would be awful, they’d probably buy it anyway. 😀 Then I even heard that it was “almost bought”. And, yes, they went to see it yesterday, and bought it properly, and now we have a camper van, and they’re quite satisfied with it. This is quite nice, because with my vestibular problems, any kind of further travelling is a bit of a hassle, but while it’s doable by car with the right strategies, it is much more difficult on the sea and I haven’t even had the courage to try an aeroplane because the mere thought makes me floaty and dizzy, so that was also one of Dad’s crucial arguments when someone was asking him why he wants a camper van so badly – to be able to go abroad more, and to go abroad he thinks he has to go with Bibiel, because Bibiel can speak English and he can’t, and Bibiel won’t go anywhere by plane. – And whenever he’d drink a bit more he’d be giving me elaborate promises of how when he’ll have a camper van we’ll go to all my favourite countries etc. etc. etc. even though I’ve never pressured him for that. So, yeah, that could be fun, even if we don’t actually end up going to my favourite countries, it can still be nice to even go on holidays somewhere closer, and have your own place to sleep in.

Now, your turn. What would you tell me if we were having coffee? 🙂


9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… #WeekendCoffee Share”

  1. Oh my!! You can always email me if you’re overstressed from birthday stuff, or whatever! I’m so glad you didn’t self-harm this year!! YAY! Great job!!

    Pass the toffifee and the crisps!! I know what you mean about feeling honored that your brother got you crisps! I felt the same way when my brother gave me a great gift card for Christmas!! YAY!! Our brothers must like us!!

    Oh my, one special kitty turned all of five years old? Meow!! Mr. Kitty will be eight in June. Can you believe that?! Oh wow, I’ve had Mr. Kitty longer than you’ve had Misha! (I got him when he was five weeks old, back in 2013.) But no, I don’t think it’s old, not if Mr. Kitty’s any indication!! He’s starting to look a bit older, but he’s not acting any older, not at all!! He’s still frisky and loves to play!!

    You’re 24? That was my guess! YAY! I’ll be 44 in May! I guess I’m 20 years older than you! That’ll make it easy to remember your age!

    Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday here in my country, I’ll bring some tortilla chips and dip to our coffee meeting! And some cookies and some Sprite. Yummy! My dad and I are going to have a Super Bowl party later in the evening. Fun!

    Also, I’ve decided to read a book: Monogamy by Sue Miller, because I’m trying to get back into reading. Also, I’m this close to submitting my memoir, and then I’ll need to figure out what my next big thing should be!!

    Yum, thanks for the coffee hour!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 Thankfully, this year the stress was manageable, so I could handle it with Misha’s help and enough recharging.
      Five weeks! I’d love to know Misha when he was five weeks! Sadly, for me anyway, he was still with his mummy then, at the breedery, I only met him when he was about five months. But I’d love to have a few-weeks old kitten.
      Misha doesn’t look his age at all either, at least that’s what I think. Neither does he act particularly old. He is a lot more mature of course than he was some years back, but he is still very youthful and has the curiosity of a toddler, and some of his behaviours are still very childish which I adore. But whenever he sleeps longer than usual, or is more cuddly than he normally is, my Mum always tells him that he’s getting old, and that makes me mad, and of course she knows about it and I guess that’s why she keeps saying it all the time. 😀
      Yay, that’s a lot of yummy food! 🙂 Happy Super Bowl party, and good luck with your memoir, and whatever will be next! 🙂
      Reading is so much fun, I hope you can get back into it.

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    1. Yeah, exactly, the timing was perfect, after all! 😀
      Hahaha, when someone has a period, my Dad always calls it either that she’s sitting on the axe, or that she has the butcher visiting, and because I like the name Jack obviously, and there is Jack Vreeswijk, who is the son of Cornelis Vreeswijk, my faza subject and who used to work as a butcher briefly, I thought I’d call mine Jack the Butcher. And then perhaps a year or so ago I was talking to my friend that Jack the Butcher was visiting me and that I was feeling quite bad with cramps and all, to which he said that perhaps then Jack the Ripper would be a more adequate name. 😀 I like both. 😀

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  2. Happy birthday, Bibiel, and welcome back to Weekend Coffee Share! I think you’re my first participant from Poland. May I ask what city or part of Poland? I visited Warsaw and enjoyed the city. Enjoy your birthday week with Misha. Thank you for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy belated birthday to you and Misha! Oh, I hope 36 isn’t middle age, as I’ll be 36 next year. Then again, I’ll be grateful to reach that age whatever it’s called.

    I’m so happy you got the camper van. That’s wonderful that you’ll be able to travel more, COVID permitting.

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