Question of the day.

What was the last book you read?

My answer:

I’ve just finished a great non-fiction Polish book “W Salonie I W Kuchni. Opowieść O Kulturze Materialnej Polskich Pałaców I Dworów W XIX Wieku” (In the Salon and Kitchen, the Story of Material Culture of Polish 19th Century Palaces and Manors). I like to read about how people used to live in terms of daily lives, and I just got this book a few days ago in our online library for the blind over here, it was just added I believe, so I grabbed it straight away. It was all about how those palaces and manors looked like, what all the rooms were for, what people did in each of them, what the furniture was like, how people started using different things in their households and how they were changing over the years, what people ate, when, in what way, how different customs of that time had evolved, how the cuisine was changing over time etc. etc. etc. It was written in quite an engaging way so that made it an easy read, and I read it in no time. There were also some interesting new words for me that I liked. 😀 I got also strongly convinced that 19th century Poland wouldn’t probably be a place where I’d like to live, or at least not in a palace/manor. 😀 For one very simple reason. Too many people everywhere! I’ve heard a lot about Slavic/Polish hospitality but only reading this book I ttruly realised to what kind of extends it went, how people had guests or were visiting someone ALL the fricken time, plus there were a lot of people in such households anyway – big families, servants, residents and the like. – I’d go crazy in a week.

How about you? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. This sounds really interesting! I rarely read historical books, but now that you mention it, I’m really interested in how people used to live too.

    As for me, the most recent book I finished is Killer Cupcakes, a cozy mystery.

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  2. Once upon a time, we loved 19th century literature of manners (British and French in particular)

    Today we finished _Independence Day _ (book 2 of Frank Bascombe trilogy) by Richard Ford (1996). This is a series of novels with a highly introspective narrator who seems to try to suppress any down moods or feelings—not easy to do with a deceased child and a divorce in his closet. It is literature, not a plot-driven page-turner to be sure lol.

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  3. I tried to read a YA book from the library called “Even if I Fall” but I couldn’t get into it or care for the characters, so I switched over to reading GR reviews, and then I was glad I’d bailed! I do hope to set some reading goals for this year, but I’m struggling with how to count a DNF attempt. Should it just be a loss, or should I give myself partial credit for trying, or what? These are the questions that plague my day.

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