Question of the day (6th January).

What’s your favourite topic to research when you’re bored, and why?

My answer:

First of all, I actually rarely get bored, like truly bored. I don’t like the feeling very intensely so I try to avoid it at all costs when I’m able to. And if I do get bored, it’s usually in such situations when I really have no way of occupying myself with something either productive or entertaining, like, I don’t know, boring and uninspiring socialising for a long time, for example, and so researching anything likely isn’t an option either in such a situation. I like researching stuff even when I’m not bored, just casually whenever I have some free time on my hands and feel curious about something, or if I’m ultra-curious then I’ll even intentionally devote some time for research on the topic beforehand. I also don’t think there is a specific topic I tend to research the most – well, it used to be my major faza subjects and anything that may be related to them in even the most remote way that happens to interest me because of them, but now that I have none at the moment really, it’s not as much in the centre of things. – But generally, I’m just happy to research anything that fits in the scope of my interests. And if something new happens to interest me all of a sudden, I’ll usually be researching it very intensely for the next couple of days whenever I get the possibility.

How about you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (6th January).”

  1. To ‘research?” Eh, can’t think of a thing. When I’m bored, I turn to my computer games (from a certain gaming site) and maybe buy one or two new ones. So that’s as far as it goes. I don’t want to know anything about the latest news, as it all seems to be either banal and highly uninteresting OR fraught with bad news and terrifying (like today’s). Games. They cure my boredom well enough.

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